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Thread: Looking for advice on knife selection

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    On mine I only have to pull back the lock to be able to move the liner over for closing. The lock doesn't affect opening.
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    the lock on the anubis and pharoah that I have keep the blade from opening because they're switchblades. you have to hold the lock back while pressing the button so the blade can spring open, but you just have to depress the button to close it. the opposite of the manual opening knives.
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    Cold Steel gets my vote for affordability/value in this discussion... but I have to give a BIG nod to Kershaw's offerings as well. Try them out at a local store or gun show and find something you like!

  5. OK, this is a bit off topic, but, why a knife??
    Knives have some very bad legal connotations. They are almost always considered to be offensive weapons and you are more likely to go to jail for using a knife than shooting someone (according to a lawer friend and police I have talked to).
    Knives are also very lethal, but have very little stopping power. The BG will (might) bleed out in a few minutes, but in the mean time, he has plenty of time to kill you.
    A knife requires a high degree of skill to use well, you might get lucky and stab someone, but a good fighter will take it away from you if you are not trained.

    If you want a defensive weapon with stopping power, try a ballpeen hammer, kobutan, or better yet, a cane.
    Canes are wonderful things if you learn how to use them. The Chinese secret police have used them to great effect in HTH combat situation. The hook on the end can do some wonderful (vicious) things. One of my teachers cultivated a fake limp, he used to get first class upgrades when he flew.

    But if you insist on a knife, I have always been partial to khukris......

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    OK, this is a bit off topic, but, why a knife??
    Granted a gun is a better choice, but only if you have a choice. I'm not allowed to carry at work and a few other places. I carry knives because they are small enough to go in a pocket, lethal enough to get the job done and useful for other tasks.

    I'm also trained in the use of knives. If I am forced to use one, I guarantee it won't take a "few minutes" for the bad guy to bleed out.

    As for legal, a knife is a deadly weapon, as is a firearm. The same rules apply.
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    As far as less than lethal does this actually apply? We were told in our CCW class that the something like 60% of people stabbed die and only 30 some odd % of people die who are shot?? Don't know if the guy was just blowing smoke but he seemd very sure of his statistics..

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    Spyderco and benchmade are my favorite brands for great knives. they are by no means "cheap".

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    Just a quick update - my search continues. I failed to mention in my initial posting that I was also looking for a serrated blade on that folding tanto. I've researched some, followed up on the suggestions y'all have given me so far, and while there are some fine knives, I haven't yet seen a combination of features/price that has made me say "THAT is the one."

    The suggestion of walking sticks/canes caught my interest, and I have delved into that a little, too. There is something to be said for a walking stick - it can be a devastating weapon, if wielded correctly, although I think a 5 foot long walking stick would be a bear to conceal.

    At any rate, I've settled in for the long haul, and know some day, I will find JUST the knife for me. When that happens, I'll post my choice here.

    Thank you all for your suggestions, I appreciate them
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    Or you could split the difference and get a swordcane.

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    Check out this web/site. The owner is kind of a nut and you won't find any benchmade but what they have is fair prices and they are good to work with. RoadsideImports LLC
    CRKT Elishewitz PHARAOH Black Tac Partially Serrated Switchblade Kit - SALE $79.99 This is the one I think I would like to have. Go to the search and type in sale. then go to highest to lowest price and its on about the 3rd page.

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