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Thread: Can Canadians get a US CCW Permit?

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    Geez, danged Canadian foreigner drops in here and causes all this ruckus. Just kidding, brother, glad to know there's still a few neighbors to the North who can still shoot!

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    Geez, danged Canadian foreigner drops in here and causes all this ruckus. Just kidding, brother, glad to know there's still a few neighbors to the North who can still shoot!
    Canadian shooters are envious of the rights of gun ownership; primarily the right to carry concealed that our stateside cousins enjoy. It is very frustrating not being able to protect oneself north of the 49th. but that's the law and so be it. We are fighting for the right.

    I am also, as it happens, an U.S. Citizen and as such enjoy the right to carry in many states, which is a good thing and very much appreciated as the family does much travelling stateside and moreover, in just a few short years (as soon as the kids stop spending money on education foolishness) we will be spending almost all of our time during the cold weather stateside travelling with a travel trailer, which brings me to my dilemna.

    The right to carry concealed is granted to me, a non-resident US citizen by almost every state with few exceptions and that seems to me to be right thinking. I am, after all, one of "We the People" versus one of "We the Residents". It seems to me that I am going to have to purchase a homestead in Florida in order to maximize my concealed carry rights.

    In my mind, things are so convoluted right now (not that I don't appreciate the progress that has been made over the past few years) that a national reciprocity law would be welcome... have a PA permit? You can carry concealed anywhere in the U.S.A. and Possessions. Period. It is constitutional. BUT.... I also have a strong opinion that there is an element that should not have that precious right and we all know who they are. The stakes need to go up.. way up... to bring things under total control. It is NOT the guns that are bad, it is the people using them. And those folks should not have the right to possess a firearm (note that I don't say 'possess a permit' - but the penalty for the use of a firearm in any violent crime should be so abhorent as to disuade any right minded individual from even considering it. In fact, the mere possession of a firearm should result in expulsion to Baffin Island with a sleeping bag, a .22 and a box of matches. Forever.

    When our politicians and beurocrats ALL realize that guns are merely tools and it is the bad guys that need to be dealt with strongly, I for one will be a much happier person.

    And yup, we can shoot pretty darned good north of the 49th. As long as it's at the range.

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    Well, Torontogunguy, any time you head south for the warmer weather, feel free to drop me a note and I'd be glad to have a beer with ya here in Sunny, Warm North Dakota!

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    Off topic

    K, so this is slightly off topic.

    I spent some time in Spain and while I was there I had friends from all over, but mostly the United States and Spain. There was an arcade that we went to from time to time and they had a video game with a very realistic (size, weight, and sights) rifle that was target based. Without knowing who was shooting, you could almost always figure out where they were from. Really crappy shooters were the Spanish. Mediocre shooters were Americans from the East, and the good shooters (all holding top 20 rankings) were all from the western United States. Far from an empirical test, but I did find it mildly amusing....especially watching the Spanish shoot.

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    May Obama should just simplify things for you and try to annex Canada.

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