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Thread: How many of you work at a job at says no weapons on it's grounds?

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    I work in D.C.

    The company building, all parking lots, and all surrounding roads are gun free zones! I feel so safe. (Teal for sarcasm)

    The rule is in force except for ON DUTY police officers and other security guards. (While off duty, they need to turn their gun into the armory. Can not carry it home) and the other obvious exceptions are criminals... They carry wherever they like.

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    I haven't asked at my workplace about carrying, but have carefully read all published rules and policies. I have not seen weapons mentioned anywhere. I carry all the time and do not tell anybody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    defense/defense contarctor
    National Security

    These were all exempted from FL's patking lot gun laws because Uncle sam said so.

    That being said, having a .22 rolling around in the bed of your truck is a "you've been let go" offense here I work.
    Actually, the Defense contractor exemption applies under two conditions:
    1. The property is used for "conduct<ing> substantial activities involving national defense, aerospace, or homeland security." or
    2. <Carry is> prohibited pursuant to any federal law, contract with a federal government entity, or general law of this state.
    (There are other exceptions, but they apply to everyone not just Defense contractors)

    So, a company would have to be working on some high priority or high security items, or be building aircraft or their main components, to hit #1; and carry in that location would have to be prohibited by Federal or State law, or by a specific contract to hit #2

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    Right now, I work from home and always carry. When I go on the road, I carry. When I have to got to the office once a month, I pocket carry my j-frame. No policy on weapons. When I worked pt at the liquor store last year, I always carried as well. If I worked the late shift at McDonalds, I'd likely tote a slim pocket gun or something. Worst thing is they fire you, if they find out. Life is too valuable. A few yrs back a couple of punks robbed a Mickey D's at gunpoint in New Bedford and locked the ee's in the mgr's office (after taking the loot in the safe), they came out and the cops were waiting for them, one guy was shot dead and the other got away, while returning fire. They caught up to him in NYC a couple days later.

  6. I may be wrong but it seems to me that the majority of violent attacks lately have been taking place in no carry posted areas. I know that there are some idiots out there, but who wants to rob a police bar or a gun and ammo store? duh

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    Where i work we are even prohibited from having firearms in the vehicle.
    i do work for the federal government as an electrician.
    The facility is a hydroelectric dam.

    After 9/11 you never saw so many firearms at one location. Everybody kept firearms in their vehicle for a while especially if you got called out in the middle of the night. Eventually they went back to enforcing the rules.

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    Where I work we are not allowed to possess firearms on the property. All vehicles and bags are subject to being searched while on company property. Although I have never seen them do a full search of anyone's vehicle I did see security checking vehicles in the parking lot just by looking through the windows once, but They do check your lunch bags when getting off work occasionally.
    "No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms."--Thomas Jefferson

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    Working on Naval Base

    I'm a defense contractor on a Naval Base. Does anyone know if there are any rules, regulations or statues that permit weapons on military bases or at least provide a place to store our weapons while we are on base?

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    DC gun free zone expanded to SC

    Quote Originally Posted by Pele View Post
    I work in D.C.

    The company building, all parking lots, and all surrounding roads are gun free zones! I feel so safe. (Teal for sarcasm).
    My company is based in DC and applies that same mentality across all cities, states and US territories.

  11. Can't Advocate Breaking the Law

    Of course, company policy hardly meets that test. Sounds like a personal decision to make; strapping on in the parking lot sounds like my situation. Live in CT , work in NYC. I could get a NY State permit, but that's no good in Bloombergville. They simply don't issue CCWs in NYC except to friends of people in high places. Then i work in a Federal building. No guns, except LEO, no exceptions. Metal detectors and xrayed baggage at every entrance. So i go to the train station, lock up my pistol, and go naked every day to work. I carry everywhere else, all the time, whenever it is allowed.

    The law in CT exempts the legislature, courts, and all schools as no weapon zones. Any one who wants to can post a no-guns sign, and we break the law if we knowingly carry there. Any business with one of those signs is a place that will never see my money. But we have to obey the law or nothing separates us from the criminals.

    Doesn't that feel great? We have to go naked, and criminals carry wherever they want. We need to change those laws. Write your senators/legislators. Call them. Email them. Join the NRA. But keep on carrying, where you can.
    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants ... for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson

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