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Thread: How many of you work at a job at says no weapons on it's grounds?

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    Oh, and BTW I'm not a female
    "If you seek peace, prepare for war"

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    anyone that reads the posts on this site know what people in jersey are going through as far as CCW permits. maybe that is one of the reasons the jersey doesn't have the support it needs. I made a mistake and assumed that everyone knew about jerseys issues. Maybe if they did know more about the laws here, we could get more support.
    Some members that have the rights have no idea how difficult it really is not to be able to get the CCW permit

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    PRINCETON, N.J. (AP) -- Princeton University briefly alerted the campus after an employee spotted a male walking with a gun.

    The gun turned out to be a toy water pistol and an "all clear'' was sounded minutes later Monday.

    A Princeton spokeswoman says the man was believed to be participating in a summer camp on the Ivy league campus.

    The alert was the third gun scare at Princeton this year.

    Four teens caused a brief panic when one was spotted tucking a toy gun in his waistband in June and a student was seen in March with a permanently disabled rifle.
    The above new article, is a big reason, I left NJ.
    I had a cash business and carried large sums of cash with me and to and from the bank.
    I applied for a CCW, and was not approved, in court. The judge, Burle Ives Humfriees, Passiac Cty, stated that I could hire a guard to do my cash carring.
    Smart ass judge.
    It seems as though, they want you to get robbed or hurt or killed for a robbery.
    Here in FL. no problem and I don't need NJ. Never been back and don't intend to.
    You had a good governor, Cristie Todd. A pro gunner. A very good leader.
    What you have now, well, it is wasteful on your tax dollars.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tea51 View Post
    Oh, and BTW I'm not a female
    Sorry about that, not sure why I wrote "her"!
    "You must prove you feared for your life. Pee in your pants."
    -Someone on this site!

  6. Isn't it amazing how corporations have the right to infringe upon our constitutionally guaranteed rights? Just a thought.

    My company has a no weapons policy too.

  7. The other problem that you run in to is leaving your gun in your car. Especially in a bag. If anyone find out that you carry and that you cant carry at work then you run the risk of then assuming it is in your car. Someone at random could just choose your car to break in to. Then you have serious problems. If I ever have to leave my gun in my car it will be disassembled and locked to the car with a cable. In your situation I would work there for as short as possible. These are tough times right now so jobs are not easy to be picky about. That said it is even more important to be armed. It is not worth it especially leaving at 4 a.m. from the "golder arches". When do you think the best time to rob someone would be?? 4 a.m. coming out of a business with a lot of money. If you have to leave it in your car, I would consider at least a cable lock if not a bolted down lock box. Don't get something cheap though. A good lock box will cost you about $50 but you can bolt it right on the inside to the floor of your car or trunk. That way you can access it fast if needed. Where I am from, establishments have to post that weapons are banned from the premmises. Then they would have to know you have a gun(which they should never know). Then they have to tell you to leave. Then, if you dont leave for some stupid reason, they have to call the police and they will TELL you to leave. If you still have problems, you should not only not have a permit to carry but if the police dont shoot you they will take your gun and you get a misdimeanor and you get your gun back later.

    If I carried at work and it was not allowed by my company, there a couple of things that could happen. If they found out, I would get fired. Or if I happened to shoot a robber or anyone for that matter I would most deffinately be sued for everything I do or ever will own, but I would be allive!!

    Good luck on your deccision. Be safe.

    P.S. The knife you can open with one hand is a great idea to have in case someone gets you from behind. You can stab the artery on the inside of their leg by the sex organs and rest assured they will let go because they will bleed out and die fast. That was you dont go def or shoot yourself by trying to shoot them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daugherty16 View Post

    But we have to obey the law or nothing separates us from the criminals.
    This comment you wrote made alot of sense to me. I read it over and over again. So, what did I do? I read my Companies new updated "Code Of Conduct" (COC) booklet and it states no firearms allowed unless approved by HR and CEO. Basically, written approval. So, does this mean a person can actual CCW on Company if "approved"? Well, not wanting to be in the Criminal catagory, you know..breaking the Law, but instead a law abbiding citizen, I wrote to HR to get "approval" and explained that I was in fact a Law abbiding citizen who also like many Others support the 2nd Amend., have taken courses which I listed, by certified NRA instructors and approved by MA, NH, and ME state police. I explained that I conform to all state gun laws 100%.( I myself do not think it is a good idea to leave your weapon locked in a locked vehicle ie: if car is stolen, your lic. to CCW is taken away etc.) . I got a reply from HR....." We have reviewed your request with our legal department and we have also reviewed the Massachusetts law. Massachusetts does not give a person the right to bring firearms on to our property regardless of whether an individual is licensed or not. Therefore, we will stick with our Code and you are prohibited from bringing your firearm onto company property, including the parking lot".
    I'm wondering which MA law shows this and if I understood their COC, it's saying you can CCW only if you get approval from said dept's, but MA law says you cannot? I don't get it.
    So now I cannot have my weapon on me at all when I leave my house from another state to go to work. I had done so before keeping it concealed on me while at work, but feeling a little on the guilty side that I was in fact a criminal (?), I decided to write to HR to protect myself and Co. I also asked them to keep the memo between said dept's. which were, HR and CEO. What did They do? They cc'ed my immediate supervisors who at times "talk" around the cooler. So much for CCW now eh? What the hell good is Concealing if everyone knows now?! Honestly, I do not think They looked up Any laws, because They would have.......Should have shown me in the memo the MA Statutes for showing this.
    If this is their policy then so be it, but I do not agree with the way it was handled. Tells me, these are the "anti gun" crowd who did not look into this matter but instead just gave a lame excuse to keep me from CCW. All I was doing was protecting myself and the company and now I feel like the CRIMINAL.
    I am a NH res and work in MA.
    Please give me your thoughts on this.
    (All the above are MY opinions/suggestions ONLY....AND, I like to bust ball's, it's called having a sense of humor. In other words, no intent to offend anyone, so get over it)

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    Try telecomuting from home.

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    You decide. With a gun you could lose your job and maybe your permit (although I think that part varies from state to state). Without your gun you could lose your life. Get something you can conceal in a pocket holster and never mention it to anyone. If you decide not to carry in violation of their policy then I'd say once you are safely to your car why would you bother going back in and getting all suited up for combat? Just drive home. My rule of thumb when deciding where to carry is if they don't have metal detectors and/or random searches then I carry in a way that thy will never know unless I need to defend my life. I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by six.
    Avidshooter (Texas)
    "The real destroyer of the liberties of the people is he who spreads among them bounties, donations and benefits." -- Plutarch

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    One can always do like the majority of workers do and not park on company property.

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