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Thread: How many of you work at a job at says no weapons on it's grounds?

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    The common thread is that you should comply with what your employer requires of you or risk losing the job and/or your CCW license. Follow their rules..You would want someone to honor your rules in your house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bgbrown125 View Post
    The common thread is that you should comply with what your employer requires of you or risk losing the job and/or your CCW license. Follow their rules..You would want someone to honor your rules in your house.
    How did you take all these posts and boil them down to that? My thread didn't say that. My opinion is that you do what's right for you. You have to decide if your life is worth your job (or even a fine or prison) and if it is then you have to carry very discreetly and keep your mouth shut.

    Most of these companies have these policies because they are forced on them by insurance companies and/or lawyers.

    How many times have you been frisked at work?
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    Where I am, it's said not to have one in your vehicle. I don't. The person who would enforce that here has said that he won't ever check, and nobody should give him a reason to. I think that's the big thing here. If it's in your car, don't give anyone a reason to look in there.

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    It would be legal under the Castell rule to carry in your car(check state). Its legal for your customers(in the car). Mickey D is trying to cover their legal but* which they have a right to do but that ends at the point of a gun/knife for me(I'd rather be tried by 12 than carried by 6). And if you loose the job...its mickey d's. Just keep your mouth shut, don't brag or do a show and tell.
    A blockbusters here in Dallas was robbed at gunpoint...employees were herded in back where they were all shot...the perp walked around for a while and picked a few movies to take. The owner didn't want a gun their due to insurance and personal liability...the owner is safe...perp was never caught. The dead kids can't sue.

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    I'm a California transplant that loves Utah more and more everyday. Utah changed the law last year; in order for an employer to prohibit employees from keeping weapons in their cars on company property they must provide secure offsight parking as an alternative. I have a reserved spot, second from the entrance, and I can see my truck from my office. Life is good.

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    OK...Not ALL of the posts said to comply with the company rules.
    I used to be a site safety mngr. for a major corporation and I had to convey and aid in enforcement of the rules such as the one being discussed. Never, in my 25+ years, did we ever go out and search someone's vehicle for a gun. The only reason that you would do that is from a complaint about it.
    For what it is worth.....

  8. shameful, but predictable

    Quote Originally Posted by sambo42xa View Post
    This comment you wrote made alot of sense to me... So now I cannot have my weapon on me at all when I leave my house from another state to go to work... If this is their policy then so be it, but I do not agree with the way it was handled. Tells me, these are the "anti gun" crowd who did not look into this matter but instead just gave a lame excuse to keep me from CCW. All I was doing was protecting myself and the company and now I feel like the CRIMINAL.
    I am a NH res and work in MA.
    Please give me your thoughts on this.
    It's a darn shame. But that's what i was getting at: criminals, because they break the law, have greater freedom than we law abiding citizens do. That has to change! In your case, i doubt they looked at any law but rather were saying, absent a law that says otherwise, we CAN ban weapons from our parking lot and workplace. We need national reciprocity, and we need more states to legislate that employers cannot ban a gun properly stored in your car even on their premises.

    The funny side of this is, our guns are not the ones they should be worried about because we don't shoot innocent unarmed people. ! In fact, one of our guns might someday save their butts if a real perp came through the doors, but they are blissful in their self-imposed ignorance. "It could never happen to me" they say. We at least are honest enough to say that, yes, bad things happen and someday it could happen to me.

    Another part of my post said: "Doesn't that feel great? We have to go naked, and criminals carry wherever they want. We need to change those laws. Write your senators/legislators. Call them. Email them. Join the NRA. But keep on carrying, where you can".

    I stand by it.

    Meanwhile, everyone should have a safe - mine is cable locked to the seat frame, others acutally bolt into the cars floor - in the car/truck to secure your weapon for those times when you must put it away. For me, that means crossing into MA, RI or NY. I'm good in CT, VT and NH, plus 22 other states. And i write my senators and reps frequently too, advocating citizen's rights over those of criminals and opposing those stupid gun bills like one-per-month and micro stamping that have zero effect on crime. Short of runnning for office, that's the most we can do. If enough of us do it, the laws will change. I still believe in this country and in democracy, the current administration notwithstanding.

    Good luck, and keep the fight going.
    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants ... for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson

  9. Yup,I've spent most of my working life employed at such places. The only jobs I've ever had where I could carry concealed or have a gun in the car while at work were when I was working at a gunshop and when I was self employed. That being said, I kept a gun in the car anyhow and, in the case of when I was working as a restaurant manager, I went out and got it before closing time. Being the only one with safe access at 2 AM is not a comfortable situation to be in. I'd rather have to hunt a job tomorrow than be dead tonight.

    I had one manager over the years that seemed intent on 'flexing his authority' by demanding to search my car. I asked him if this was for a loss control investigation (it wasn't, but refusing to assist in a loss control investigation was grounds for immediate dismissal) and told him the only way he was going to have a search of my vehicle done was with a LEO doing the search and either enough probable cause to convince the LEO to do it or a warrant. He backtracked quick, fast and in a hurry and the matter was dropped.

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    I am retired, but work a couple days a week in a sporting goods store that sells a lot of guns and ammo. I have always carried a gun there and the owners are all for it.

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    I'm just going to lock in up in the car safe. As another person said on here, they can see their vehicle from their office window where they can I. The door is right there too. If it were a really big problem leaving it secured in the vehicle, I guess I would be looking at alernatives further.
    I think I will invest in a Leatherman for my belt in the mean time. Hmm, a knife or Box cutter that I use for shipping on Company proper... in MA.??? Oh my........
    (All the above are MY opinions/suggestions ONLY....AND, I like to bust ball's, it's called having a sense of humor. In other words, no intent to offend anyone, so get over it)

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