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Thread: See someone printing do you say anything?

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    I guess it all comes down to you interpration of printing. If a slight bulge on your hip is printing then
    hell, we all are. If it is a very obvious pat of the weapon in plain sight then yes, I would call it printing. and so what. The person has surly looked in the mirror to see what they looked like before leaving and they know if their rig is printing already. Leave it alone.

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    This guy was a total tool, anyway. Looked like a roided-up ex high-school male cheerleader with an agenda. He was badly printing, plus about the lower inch of his muzzle was showing underneath the shirt.

    This was in Memphis, TN.....TN law allows open carry.
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    There's one guy that comes into my work occasionally and he prints BAD. He uses an Uncle Mike's OWB and carries a Taurus PT24/7 9mm. He prints THAT bad. LOL

    He bent over to get something off of a shelf and I saw the entire pistol before he "discreetly" moved his shirt back down.

    Nobody was around and I quietly suggested an IWB holster and a larger shirt and I think the stark realization that I knew he had a gun hit him.
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  5. Check you laws, check your mirror

    CT laws only address "carry" of a loaded pistol. No mention of open or concealed. Of course, the Firearms Permit Oversight Board (whatever they're called) recommends concealed carry, to include complete absence of visible signs, ie., printing. I doubt that "printing" as such is addressed by many state laws. But in some places it has been correlated to brandishing, a crime in (probably) all states. Even if it is completely innocent, printing is something you just don't ever want to do because absolutely nothing good will come of it.

    No, you don't necessarily break any laws by printing (check your state laws and talk to a lawyer who defends gun owners), or even by accidentally exposing part of your gun when you reach for something on a top shelf. But you do create two potentially bad situations:

    1) MWAG. the old lady behind you shrieks "Oh my GAWD he has a GUN" and the cops are called and... you can imagine how much fun that would be. Even tho you're legal, you definitely DON'T want this scenario. You can be accused of brandishing, and if it sticks lose your permit and in some states, like CT and probably MA, lose your handguns. Even if you can make it go away, it probably costs you thousands in legal fees to do that.

    2) Lose Tactical Advantage. The BG skulking around getting ready to rob the place you're in sees your gun. Maybe he leaves, maybe he shoots you first. The point is, he knows you're armed and you don't know he is.
    Or maybe the BG behind you sees your gun, whacks you in the head or just grabs it off your hip. Again, you lost tactical advantage by exposing your gun, something you never want to do.

    As a CCW, you always want clarity of mind, acute situational awareness, and tactical advantage. Also good habits to develop for the times you can't carry. God forbid any of us actually has to draw down, but if so it should come as a complete surprise to the BG.

    That's my .02 anyway.
    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants ... for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson

  6. Sorry - that was off track

    Like most of you, i am more sensitive to printing than before i got my CCW. since then i have seen dozens of guys i thought were carrying because of something on the hip under a loose shirt. I don't think i would say anything to a stranger who is printing. depends on the person, the situation, whether i was carrying at the time, a lot of things. I think generally, no. I can see saying something discreetly, if the chance arose , if you're pretty sure the guy is legal.

    Like a lot of things, i suppose it depends almost entirely on the cicrumstances.
    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants ... for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson

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    Legal or illegal carry, I probably would have handled it very much the same.

    Discretion. Plus, I don't like restrictions on firearm carry, so legality means nothing to me for others.

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    My home state - ND - says "concealed" means that the average person won't readily see it routinely. The law explicitly states that it does not mean "absolute concealiblity". So, I don't worry about printing. Furthermore, I think the more "concealed" a weapon is, the less accessible it is. I've tried shoulder holsters, IWB, SOB, etc. and find I'm most comfortable with a holster on the hip covered by shirt or jacket. After training at Frontsight, I have no problem drawing and firing 2 controlled shots within 1.5 seconds. That's what it's all about, isn't it?


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    Quote Originally Posted by srshadwi View Post
    As you can see, I am from Illinois so I do not have the opportunity to carry. When I do move out of this state I will carry and I would sure welcome any constructive criticism if I were inadvertently drawing attention to myself or my weapon. The advice of experienced carriers would be greatly appreciated.

    I think you did a great job with those "kids."

    I used to live in Chicago's north west suburbs,for 5 years because of a job.
    I had to work close with cops from time to time,and carried concealed,and never got caught,because I used
    very good concealment rigs,and dressed appropriately. I felt my life was more important then Chicago's or as I call it( "Shitcago"), lame back ass anti gun laws,which only help the criminals. I never got caught,and luckily
    I never needed to use said firearm. I now live in a state that lets law abiding citizens get concealed carry
    permits,thank god.

    But I would probably never get involved with another person who carries badly and prints to the whole world.
    Because,I have learned through years of dealing with people of various skill levels of firearms handling,
    that,when friendly suggestions where made in an attempt to help them,many times,said gun owner took
    offense to the slightest suggestion or help recommended,so I wait for them to ask me for help,before getting involved with a person,who says he knows it all,and gets mad at a friendly suggestion of help.
    Plus I don't want to give my position of concealment away. Leave them to the cops.
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    Nope, just maintain normal situational awareness.
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    It's concealed carry, not invisible carry. Concealed carry laws only require that the weapon be concealed from view and not be openly visible.

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