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Thread: Inform the officer or not when concealed carry?

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    Hmm, I seem to be on the outside on this one. If I'm not required by law to do so, then I see it as one more thing to deal with at the side of the road, rather than just getting the stop over with and going on my merry way. Now, if asked if there are any weapons in the vehicle, I will then say "I do have a LCF, and yes, my firearm is located ____." Also, If I am asked to step out of the vehicle, there is a good chance I will be patted down. In that case, before moving at all, I would say, "OK, I want you to know that I have a LCF and my firearm is located ____, how would you like me to proceed?"

    When I get pulled over, even though I'm not happy about the stop, I'm as polite as possible, "yes sir/ no sir", etc. just to try and set the tone for an uneventfull stop. In reality I'm trying to be nice enough to get away with just a warning. But at the very least, if the time does come to inform the officer, I've already done my best to demonstrate that I am a peaceful citizen who means him no harm.

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    BTW, I haven't been pulled over since I got my LCF. I don't know if PA links it to your DL or not. I suppose my opinion could change after the next time I'm pulled over, if I find out the they are linked, and if having not told him up front leads to a bigger headache. I tend to adjust my behavior based on experience, not prediction.

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    I live in NC. As stated before we are obligated to inform the LEO. I have been through traffic checks as well as being stopped. I always tell the officer I have a CCW and I am armed. I then leave the next step up to the LEO. Most times at traffic checks I am only asked for license and nothing else. I still tell. You never know when you have a gung ho officer on your hands. When I advise of my CCW and that I am armed I have complied with statute.
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    I have been through a couple of DUI checkpoints and one speeding ticket. On all occasions I notified the officer if I was carrying and only had one very minor problem in Florida with a rookie (or so I presume). LEO's seem to be more relaxed when you are up front with them.

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    Like utimmer43, if the law does not require it, I would rather not bring attention to the fact that I am carrying.

    Keep your wallet in your hands. If the LEO shows any inclination to search (such as asking you to step out of the vehicle), then hand over your permit and say something like "My guns are (locations)."

    I've been in two traffic stops, and been pulled over once (speeding). The subject of carrying was never brought up. Got no tickets, either!

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    Quote Originally Posted by festus View Post
    I will always let the officer know out of professional courtesy. They have a tough enough job and the fewer surprises they get the better off we all are. 99% of ALL cops I have talked to prefer to be told up front. They may relieve you of your weapon during a traffic stop...but look at some of the very scary dash cam video of cops being shot at point blank range. Even with a vest that stuff hurts. Many will thank you for the heads up and leave you in charge of your weapon because you are being up-front and obviously have nothing to hide.
    There are only a few that go full blown ape nuts over legal ownership and possession of a weapon. These guys are easy enough to deal with. Simply ask for a supervisor and file a formal complaint. Follow up on the complaint with internal affairs and bad cops don't last long.
    What does your legally carrying a concealed weapon have to do with a legally conducted traffic stop? There is no surprise because it doesn't come up. There is no scary dash cam video possible because you are a law abiding citizen simply executing your Constitutional right. Do you notify him that you are capable of having a political discussion with him over the law he wants to impose?

    I have no problem with anyone who wants to notify but I do believe that presents the possibility of everyone involved being put in danger if the officer decides to take possession of the gun.

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    I was stopped last November in Idaho and didn't notify. I'm an Idaho resident but have a Washington non-resident CCW which Idaho accepts, I live on the border and need it for both states and Washington won't accept Idaho's.

    Frankly the reason I didn't notify is because I didn't even think about it at the time. The trooper didn't even ask for my license. It was dusk and raining and he asked me to turn my lights on. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have access to Washington's CCW records via my Idaho license anyway.

    I thought about it later of course, but if he had asked me to exit the car I might have remembered earlier.....:)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    We just had a discussion on this same subject.
    Doh... Sorry. I'm a butthead.

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    It's a requirement in North Carolina.

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    I saw a video that sums this up farily well. It was done for one of the gun magazines with Massad Ayoob. Mr. Ayoob said to not say the word "gun" as in "Officer, I have a gun." Instead, whe he asks for your drivers license, also give him you carry ID and ask him "What do you want me to do." The reason he gave for not saying "gun" was because there might be a rookie LEO on the passenger side of the car and he might not hear everything being said but he will hear "Gun."
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