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Thread: Inform the officer or not when concealed carry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    To y'all: Does anyone think that we have replied this thread to death?
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    The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first. - Thomas Jefferson

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    Hey utimmer43: Lighten up a bit--just stating an obvious and the fact that I even replied with the previous post should have given you some pause to appreciate the light-heartedness of the comment. Sorry you seem to have been concerned with my conclusion that required a reply but I still enjoy the "banter" even if it goes around in a big circle of comments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kengrubb View Post
    As utimmer43 said, condition of getting an RTC law passed. The states have been coming up with all sorts of "curious and interesting" provisions in their RTC laws in recent years.

    - Must notify an officer
    - Can't carry in a state park
    - Can't carry in a bank
    - Can't carry in a restaurant that serves alcohol (so I can't carry when I take my kids to Applebees for burgers, fries and cokes?)
    - Must be 23 (in Missouri)
    - Must be 25 (law when RTC first passed in New Mexico)
    - Must complete state approved training curriculum (so all my training at the Firearms Academy of Seattle, Lethal Force Institute, and a class taught by the late Jim Cirillo don't count?)
    - The list of licensees shall be available for publication in newspapers, including one's home address

    Here in Washington, as is the case in most of the other "Old Wave" (pre Florida RTC) states, we don't have to put up with this sort of B.S.

    If any of the remaining May Issue states ever goes Shall Issue, I have expect one of them will demand that an applicant submit to 8 hours of psychiatric testing annually as a condition of renewal.
    I had to undergo 4 hours for one of my renewals for Kalifornia. $300+ and a total waste of time. Anyone who flunked it would have had to be a real nutcase. Surprisingly, I ran into a father/son duo who flunked it.

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    Each state manages to have PIA rules tagged onto their CCW laws, to pander to the anti's and attempt to discourage participation, some are more anti gun than others once they realize that there were no "shoot outs in the streets" and the crime rate actually did go down they mellow out. Here in MI we have been working to slowly get rid of ours one at a time, n you can too, just get politically active and make it so...
    "The sword dose not cause the murder, and the maker of the sword dose not bear sin" Rabbi Solomon ben Isaac 11th century
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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    ...any sort of problem that the LEO is faced with, including statements and actions consistent with civil and constitutional rights, done quietly and civilly or done with a voiciferous tone, is, by its very nature going to be met with suspicion.
    I'm not concerned if the cop who pulls me over, and who I've refused to answer questions, considers me as suspicious. It really isn't my problem, providing I'm following what the law requires. His job, if he is confronting me with a suspected crime / civil matter is to investigate and then cite or arrest. My requirements are to do what is legally necessary, nothing more. So if the cop feels I'm suspicious because of me enforcing my rights under both federal and state constitutions, something is seriously flawed with the system. The people are supposed to have their rights trump the government's - not the other way around.

    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    As states become more computerized, the LEOs are beginning to know right away that someone has a CCWP and you cannot deny that if that information is not passed on to the LEO, he will be suspicious. If he asks you, he probably already knows and it would seem your answer should be yes. If he asks to see the CCWP, you should probably show it to him. If he asks whether you are armed, you should probably say yes. If he asks to have you present your weapon it would seem you have no obligation to do so. Just another opinion to keep this thread moving along with unbridled energy.
    If the LEO already knows that I have my license to carry, there is no need to ask me. That would be a waste of time. I'm not required to inform, so I don't. So if he asks, I wouldn't answer. If he asks if I'm carrying, I wouldn't answer. I'm perfectly legal to carry at almost all times, and assuming he didn't pull me over for a gun-related issue, it is irrelevant to the stop.

    You said in your post that if asked to present your weapon, you would seem to have no obligation to do so. This is generally true (in most states). But you have no obligation to even speak to any LEO, so why would you do that either, unless you choose to under your own free will in contrast with "what you should do"?

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    Quote Originally Posted by torontogunguy View Post
    NJ is my one big exception and I am trying to figure out how to handle NJ. No permit recognized. No point showing it as you are asking for trouble especially as they consider the mere possession of a hollow point round to be a felony. Full stop. So I'm driving all over the place and decide to visit the family in NJ. What does one do? Thus far, my plan is NOT to show my CCW permit and to have the gun and magazines locked up in my safe in the back of the car (Harbour Freight $49). But what do I do about the hollowpoints? I read recently about the gal from NY stopped in NJ where they found a single hollowpoint round floating around in the wheel well in her trunk and arrested her. THAT is my sole exception at this point. Headsup fellows. If you think NY is gun
    unfriendly (I personally don't) you just haven't been to NJ yet. Or north of the 49th.
    If it was legal to have a firearm where you started your trip, and it would be legal to have a firearm at your family's house in NJ, you are legal in transporting the firearm through NJ, provided it is locked up out of the driver's compartment. This is all per federal law.

    Hollowpoints are not illegal in NJ, just restrictive. Hell, EVERYTHING is restrictive in the People's Republic of New Jersey. I've purchased ammo in NJ, including HP rounds. Nothing illegal in buying or transporting them.

    Then again, put them in a safe in the trunk like you said, and never allow a search. You can't have any problems unless you're doing something illegal enough to warrant a legal search of your car!

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    Hey rayven: I appreciate everything you have said and it seems to come down "to each his own" on how you react with an LEO, but I just wonder why some form of accomodation and appreciation of where the LEO is coming from just does not seem to be in your vocabulary. Common sense tells me that regardless of your very high ideals regarding your liberties and rights, you will, in the long run have a problem with an LEO--you may be 100% right but you will have a problem.

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    This brings to mind a situation with my wife some years ago.

    She zoomed through a green stop light with out looking either way. I questioned her as to why she was not more careful. She responded that she had the right of way. She was absolutely correct that she had the right to continue on her path and she trusted other vehicles to yield to her right. I advised her that she was correct but that did not protect her from the possibility of being "DEAD RIGHT". I have personally observed cars speeding through intersections, one was a fleeing bank robber, where they did not have the right of way. Anyone being in that intersection at that time could possibly have been "DEAD RIGHT".

    In my past I was a sworn LEO. I have been on both sides and I always appreciated citizens that were aware of the hazards presented to officers on a daily basis.

    There are some rights that are non-negotiable. I do respect LEOs and if I can help them be at ease I have no problem advising I have a permit and am carrying.

    I know some LEOs are jerks. However, the great majority of them are considerate fellow human beings and I will cut them slack when possible.

    I know the situations are not the same, however, being cantankerous/non-compliant with an LEO on the street is not the place I would choose to make a stance.

    Some attitudes will only escalate a situation. Someone's rights may be violated and one may sue, after the fact, if they are able, if not they may be "DEAD RIGHT". Then the family may sue.

    Just one law abiding concealed carry American's opinion. Even thought I do not agree with some posts, I respect their RIGHT to voice same.

    I didn't intend to be so long winded but things just kept popping up.
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    hey DRT: Well spoken comments.

  11. Stopped by Dekalb co. police (motorcycle unit) on GA. #124 . Not. officer he had issued a written ticket . But changed it to warning .

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