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Thread: Inform the officer or not when concealed carry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    i think if i come back to this thread in about a year it will still be going on...see you guys in about a year on this thread and do not expect to see any breakthroughs on this stalemate.
    lmao! You got that right, KC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    I think if I come back to this thread in about a year it will still be going on.
    What's funny is that I didn't even realize which thread it was when I posted the last couple times. They're all starting to run together.
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    Quote Originally Posted by utimmer43 View Post
    If my memory serves me, doesn't CA have state preemption laws that would supersede such a requirement?
    The Concealed Carry provisions allow the issuing agency to put pretty much what ever they want as restrictions. My original permit (17 years ago or so) was restricted to only when I was working and only in the counties where I had customers. That was dropped and I was required to always carry pepper spray. That was dropped and now my permit only restricts what guns I can carry (3). This was first from Simi Valley and later from Ventura County.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    Personally, being stopped in a car because I did something wrong (in my 68 years I have been stopped 5 times and I was wrong in every one of them) does not rise to the need for an attorney--only a need to be civil and respectful of an LEO who does not know who the heck you are except for the fact that you committed a traffic violation.
    I used to have the same opinion of law enforcement, just be polite and respectful and everything will be fine. And that strategy might work in Pennsylvania or Connecticutt, but it won't cut it in the People's Republic of South Carolina. You never know what you might say that will set off a police officer and then you end up dealing with a roid-raging overgrown schoolyard bully. Drug testing of law enforcement in the People's Republic of South Carolina is almost non-existant and unprescribed steriod use is condoned. Also if you are mistreated by a police officer, you have almost no recourse thanks to the police unions. A police officer almost has to kill someone in order to get fired.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    I have never really understood the trend on the internet of deliberate mispelling of certain words such as, Kalifornia, Klinton Administration or Kristianity. My guess is that is has something to do with a similar writing device used by the Ku Klux Klan.
    It has nothing to do with the Ku Klux Klan but everything to do with 1. irritating leftists, and 2. reminding people of the socialistic/communistic direction Kalifornia is headed in. Look at our gun laws. Most are clearly unconstitutional. Look at the welfare situation. The state refuses to follow Federal guidelines by allowing people to stay on for much longer than the Fed law states and as a result loses large amounts of Federal monies (all of which are probably unconstitutional but that's a whole nother ball of wax). Look at the Kalifornia budget problems and the fact that millions of dollars go to and for illegal aliens. And of course with the Dem controlled legislature, it goes on and on and on. So yeah, I use Kalifornia, I never used Klinton or any other but I am angry at what the Dem's have done to a really blessed state.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Desert Dude View Post
    I believe it depends on what County you live in, and when you got (or renewed) your permit. I live in Kern County and was asked to sign a statement issued by the Sheriff's Dept that I would immediately notify any LEO that I was armed (if so). There is nothing on my permit that says I have to.

    By the way, California does NOT start with a K.
    Philadelphia, PA has a similar statement that they ask you to sign...they can't make you sign it as it's not a contract. In it, they say things like you must immediately notify LEO and if you leave your gun in your car and the gun gets stolen they will revoke your carry license. Neither of which have any basis in law, they just like to throw their weight around and make up their own rules.

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    If you where LEO would you not want to be notified? Mandatory in my State, and if stopped in any other State I'm Licensed in (33 with SC and FLA CWP's) I will inform as well. Sooner to be over cautious, then full of holes. LEO's have a a job to do, most are the GOOD Guys!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mappow View Post
    If you where LEO would you not want to be notified?
    Honestly, I wouldn't really give a damn. Some might say that, because I choose not to inform, that is a biased answer. However, I think it is more objective than bias. Looking at the situation in a completely objective manner, (which I try to do in every situation) I realize that whatever I pulled the guy over for has nothing to do with his firearm. Now, if I do discover it, you can be damn sure that I will be prepared to react if necessary. And of course a request for the permit will follow. Valid permit= no problem, keep your hands on the wheel, and I'll be right back with your ticket. No valid permit= now we have a problem. Realize that I am in PA, where a permit is required to possess a loaded gun in your vehicle. If I were in a state that didn't require such, my procedure would change a little bit. But at NO time would I get bent out of shape over someone not telling me something I didn't ask him about in the first place.
    The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first. - Thomas Jefferson

  10. ConstitutionComeHome

    I think you've painted a pretty good picture as to why you were being searched in the first place AND most likely why you dont hold a license to carry as a result.

    Quote Originally Posted by ConstitutionComeHome View Post
    My first post to these boards and a very interesting place to start (especially considering my name)! I apologize up front for the extremely long post ... it is a bad habit of mine. :(

    I am a FIRM believer in protecting what the constitution and many of it's amendments give and/or protect. That should be obvious by my name, but thought I would point it out. I would also like to note that I signed up and created this name BEFORE finding this thread (I actually use the name on several sites).

    I do not have a license yet as I have to get my record expunged (I was a bad 19 year old) first ... but it is already in the works.

    Anyways, the point of this post is to make note of several observations I have made while reading this thread. There are numerous comments that I applauded and was very proud to feel the same way. Here we go:

    First off, just because you have a constitutional right to do something, does NOT mean that you have to exercise that right. Exercising a right is not always the same as defending that right. Simply put, just because you have the ability to exercise a right does not mean that you need to, or should, do so. The founding fathers were all about protecting liberties, but I'd go as far as say that they were men of practicality as well (read: good common sense). While the majority of sheeple out there do not even understand or know their rights, just because you DO know them does not mean that you MUST exercise them.

    A simple example: There have been several mentions of refusing to let a LEO search a vehicle. While that is your RIGHT, it is not always (or even the majority of the time) the right thing to do. Why? Let me explain ...

    I drive like a nut. I love going fast and I have a sticker on both my truck and car's windshields that reminds people what lane they should be in (a reversed sticker that when read through a rearview mirror states: SLOWER TRAFFIC ----->). Obviously, I get pulled over quite a bit. I have had LEO's ask me many, many times if they could search my vehicle and unless they were being very rude to me, I allow them. I have nothing to hide and if I refuse we will both have to wait for a good long while ... just for a K-9 unit to arrive so my car can be sniffed (to try and get probable cause).

    My car has been searched an entire ONE time. I was 21, had a stripper in the car with me, had just left a strip club, it was around 3 in the morning, I had been speeding, and I gave permission to search. Every time that I have allowed a search, they have not actually searched (minus the above exception) because I was acting in a responsible way, did not hesitate to acquiesce to a search, and laughed when they asked the silly question about drugs, prostitutes, bombs, and guns.

    Also, LEOs that are complete jerks do not always 'stick it to you'. I've had my vehicles sniffed by many a dog and the cops never 'pretended' that the dog acted in a peculiar way. Not a single time. Please remember that every time I told the cop no it was because he was already acting like an ass. Could it happen and they pretend the dog smells something? Sure. Have I received several tickets because I made the officer wary and made his job harder and more frustrating? Yes.

    The fact is, most LEOs that ask for permission to search your vehicle are looking for guilty behavior and gauging your response and demeanor when asking the question. By refusing, that makes them cautious and maybe even mildly suspicious ...

    Common sense dictates that at some times, exercising a right isn't the wisest idea. The same applies to showing your license even when not required. It doesn't 'strip away' a right when you CHOOSE not to exercise it. In that case, it is simply a common courtesy. The cop will 'usually' appreciate the gesture as well as the knowledge that you are carrying. Sure, you would have appreciated not being pulled over ... but chances are high that the cop is just doing his job enforcing a law. Sometimes you just get pulled over, but kindness and courtesy beget kindness and courtesy and sometimes it takes a bigger man to start the cycle rather than meeting cold and indifferent with the like.

    Think of it this way: if everyone who was pulled over refused to allow a search, the chances are high, due to the progressive anti-constitutional society that dominates our current political parties, that the laws would quickly change in regards to probable cause. Seriously think about that and don't discount it while pointing at any great documents (constitution, bill of rights, etc) as they have proven time and time again that they are only as valid as the politicians want them to be at any given moment. Hell, just look at the FED, the income tax, the laws on firearms, etc.

    If you disagree with a thing, the best forum to address it is where you can change it (politics, voting booth, etc.) and probably not where it can just cause you discomfort at best (sitting on side of road with a LEO) and changes or defends nothing.

    Don't misunderstand me, I fully understand discomforting yourself to uphold a principle, and if you guys feel that the cost is worth the gesture ... that is your right. I just personally think that making a token gesture is not worth the cost, especially when in the grand scheme of things it changes nothing. It doesn't protect your freedoms, it doesn't change anything, it costs you time and money, and it makes that officer's job harder when he is just like us and wants to get home to his family. The founding father's, I like to think, would have wanted us to use those rights with common sense and save that extra time, effort, and money towards getting our country back to the way it should be.

    Sorry if my first post seems overly aggressive or offensive, but this is a topic that I feel VERY strongly about. The great thing about having rights is that we get to use them when we feel like as they are just what they sound like: rights!

    Just my 2 cents,


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    Sorry to see your post G50AE. Do not know where you live in SC but here in Mt. Pleasant, Charleston County, the police are as professional as can be. I attended a Mt. Pleasant Citizens Academy, am a member of its alumni association, know the Chief personally, rode along with the police on patrol (can do that whenever you want) and met many of the officers. All are college grads, the Chief expects total professionalism and some have been fired quite quickly for "cooping" or other infractions and am saddened to hear your comments. I can always recall a very rainy morning before I lived here as I was coming thru SC from FL with a car full of my parents' stuff. I was lost and could hardly see the road and was looking for a restaurant for breakfast and then I see blue lights behind me. A SC state trooper is getting out of his car, putting his unmistakeable hat on and I figure I've got a problem. I explained what I was doing and he suggested one of two restaurants across the road and told me to be carful with the weather. If nothing else, with your feelings being what they are, I would think that courtesy would benefit the situation.

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