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Thread: Inform the officer or not when concealed carry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by wb7cyo View Post
    I do know that in Idaho, if you are stopped by a peace officer that once they run your driver's license the dispatcher/911 center will give them the info that you are a concealed weapons permit holder.

    I have heard of no problems with concealed weapons holders in our area of south central Idaho. Thanks to all those who serve as peace officers.
    While they put your drivers license number on the CCW, I doubt that it is tied the other way around. Mine (Idaho) has my Kalifornia license number on it and I know Kalifornia doesn't have any CCW tied to the DL. Of course there is no requirement to notify in Idaho (or Kalifornia).

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    What you say isn't as important as what the other person hears

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Rodemaster View Post
    now they now have to ask themselves this: "The guy I stopped has a CCW and DID NOT inform me he had a gun, and he is supposed to..." Likely next thought is "...Maybe he doesn't want me to know, which means this guy has something to hide or maybe this is a bad guy. Better be careful, play this by the book instead of cutting him some slack..."
    Why do assume an officer would think that? Would it not be just as likely, if not more likely that the officer would think, "Here is a guy who has been checked out and has passed a background check and has gone out of his way to ensure that he complies with the law. He more than likely does not have a firearm with him because he has proven himself to be a law abiding citizen in the past, has paid the government a fee to prove it, so why would he violate the law now and have a gun present and not tell me?"

    Again, I CANNOT understand why people think when an officer hears over his radio that the subject has a CCW permit or license that is cause for increased suspicion? It is the LOGICAL conclusion that finding out such information would be cause for LESS suspicion.

  4. Smiley

    In the first place, to inform, or not to inform is regulated for you by several
    States.... I will not try to provide the entire list.. but even in the States that do
    require notification, when they run your license, they will know....
    You may choose to be pleasantly informative, and nothing bad will happen..
    If you live in a State that does not require informing the officer, you don't have
    to... So ultimately, if your State doesn't require, the choice is yours...

  5. To inform or not

    In our area, which includes a few States, it is not tied to your vehicle license
    plate, it is when they run your drivers license that the info comes up...
    If you feel more comfortable or, think it will make the Cop more comfortable, then by all means tell him... I know I felt a little more at ease when I was told
    ahead of time, but it comes up the the DL info anyway......not the car tag..

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSlick View Post
    I was pulled over one night in KY. My TN permit is valid in KY. My tail lights were out because of a bad fuse. I rolled down my window and he told me right away that my tail lights were out and then asked for my DL. I hand him my DL and CCW at the same time. He asked where my the weapon was and I told him in my right pocket (P3AT). He said just keep it there and returned to his car I'm guessing to run my DL and CCW. He returned a few minutes later, handed me my DL/CCW, thanks me for telling him I had a weapon and assisted me with replacing the fuse. I guess it was a slow night. All in all a positive encounter.
    We're a Gold Star state in Kentucky, no warning needed under KRS. :) I personally subscribe to Massad Ayoob's principle on this topic. When stopped and asked for DL, I also hand them my CCDW additionally. If the LEO wishes to inquire further then they have that option, if they not, then so be it. If asked about the sidearm, NEVER use the term "GUN", it tends to panic new LEO's or rookies. Just refer to the sidearm as "IT".

    Anyone that's not read Massad Ayoob's "The Gun Digest Book Of Concealed Carry", you seriously need to, it could literally mean the difference your life or death! This is the bible for all concealed carry!

    For those of you wondering what the other steps for this situation are, you'll need to read the book! This book could help save your life, not just from the "bad guys" but from jumpy LEO's.

  7. I got stopped one morning in a town known for giving tickets. I gave the officer all info including my ccw.He then asked if I was carrying, I told him yes its on my right hip. He said thanks and walked to his car. When he came back he told me that he was giving me a warning for the speeding ( 20 over in a school zone) but I had another problem.Then he told me that my licence had expired,I said I forgot and would take care of it that day. He sent me on my way.

  8. 2 situations to share

    Both times I was speeding :( both times I was not in possession. First case was a county sherriff, not my home county, but in my state (Michigan). I said nothing because I was told I only had to say something if I was in possession. He took my license, went back to his car. When he came back, all he said was... "Are you carrying?". I said no. I got a ticket for speeding.

    Second case, I got stopped by State Trooper. When he came to my car i immediately told him i have a conceal carry permit but I was not in possession. He did not acknoledge I said anything. Took my license back to his car, returned, told me to watch my speed, just giving me a warning.

    Could have been the difference between sherrif and trooper. who knows. I guess if the guy KNOWS I may be conceal carrying - why make him nervous about it?

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    In Texas the requirement is to tell, the concealed is connected to your license and when they run you it tells them. I usually just hand them the ID case with both licenses and I never use the word Gun. I carry when I leave the house, like American Express, " I never leavehome without it"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodemaster View Post
    Just a thought. I asked about this to an officer I know, and I thought his reply was pretty sharp. In Michigan, it is not required to notify if you are not carrying, but probably a good idea, because the CCW is 'attached' to your DL, so when they run it on a traffic stop, now they now have to ask themselves this: "The guy I stopped has a CCW and DID NOT inform me he had a gun, and he is supposed to..." Likely next thought is "...Maybe he doesn't want me to know, which means this guy has something to hide or maybe this is a bad guy. Better be careful, play this by the book instead of cutting him some slack..."
    Bull Spew! Do you really believe the crap that is coming out of your keyboard? If the State Statute says "no need to inform", how and why would an officer of the law reason that you're doing something that causes suspicion? Is "class time" required before getting said CCW in your State? Surely "duty to inform", and "CCW info tied either to DL or Lic. Plates are topics of discussion during said instruction.
    At least in states where it is tied to your license, you have a better chance if you are up front (and less stressful on the LEO) to present both, and let them know whether the weapon is in the vehicle or at home.
    LEOs should neither fear stopping CCW or care whether said weapon is in car or 100 miles away. CCW's are the most law abiding on the planet or we wouldn't subject ourselves to background check, fingerprinting, or hundreds of dollars in fees for CCW class, or licensing. This thread is so tired, it needs to go to bed.

  11. Idaho flags your DL, I tell officers that I have a CCP and let him take it from there. I have never been asked to surrender my gun, only asked of it's location if I have it on me or in the vehicle

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