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Thread: Concealed carry backpack- HELP ME FIND ONE!

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    I just came across an ad in guns and ammo mag for a ccw computer bag from blackhawk. It says it will hole the largest of computers and has an exterior back panel that holds 2 mags and a center pocket for a handgun. But for $120 it seems a bit steep. But it is a ccw bag from blackhawk.

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    I can't find it online, but I like the sound of it. Thanks for all your help guys, I agree carrying on your body may be much more controlled, but sometimes that is not feasible for students, or cyclists.
    Never Give Up.

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    Found this on Blackhawk's website BLACKHAWK! Covert Carry Messenger Bag - BLACKHAWK! There's more picks if you click the link.

  5. carry in bag = stollen off of your shoulder by BG at worse or not being able to quickly get to it at best. bag = stupidity

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