Concealed carry backpack- HELP ME FIND ONE!
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Thread: Concealed carry backpack- HELP ME FIND ONE!

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    Question Concealed carry backpack- HELP ME FIND ONE!

    I need your help! Does anyone know of a company that makes a good concealed carry laptop backpack or messenger bag? I have had one hell of a time finding anything that will work, I know what I will resort to, but I would like something with a concealed side zipper for easy access. I bike a lot and want something that does not just have the pistol floating on top when you open the obvious zippers. Does such a thing exist!?!?!?!?
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    +1 on Maxpedition. They're stuff is great. LA Police Gear carries the full line and they're having a 35% off sale right now.
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    Concealed Carry Bags

    Check out Ranger Joe's they have a good selection of laptop/concealed carry bags. They make them for military and police use. Furthermore, you can get them in different camoflauge and colors. Excellent online store.
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    The problem is I don't want cammo, I want something more laid back and urban. I did find the camelback Demon that looks pretty promising CamelBak - 2009 I'm open to any other ideas.
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    Camelback makes a bag that is like a school bag and on the bottom of the bag is a small pouch for a pistol. I'll have to find a website so you can see it. But its a red bag. They might have different colors too.

    Its called the Camelback Demon They changed the design. theres another that is black called the Urban Assault Pack. Looks like it holds a laptop
    The top one is the Assault pack and the bottom is the Demon

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    I was going to mention the Demon but didn't know if you were looking for a hydration pack or not. I'm considering a Demon for mountain biking.
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    I would recommend a soft case to keep in the backpack. I have seen several that are indistinguishable from a soft notebook carrier. On other forums I searched they recommended the Camelback Demon, I was unable to find a pic/link to get better info about it though.

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    Too much trouble and too slow to access. I'll just keep carrying openly when I ride my bike.

  11. If you are going to carry, carry on your person so you can keep control, I think any bag is a bad and dangerous idea

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