Florida Permit: First Sign of Activity
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Thread: Florida Permit: First Sign of Activity

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    Florida Permit: First Sign of Activity

    So. . .

    Six weeks (almost to the day) after mailing my application packet for a Florida Non-Resident Concealed Carry permit, the folks down at the Department of Agriculture cashed my check. Hopefully I'll have my permit within the next six weeks.

    How long did it take for all you FL non-resident permit holders to get your initial permit?


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    I took me about 10-12 weeks to get my Utah permit. It was so long I forgot it was coming, so it really was a suprise when it came in the mail. I wouldn't expext to see it for another 4 weeks at least. Good luck and be safe!
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  4. Florida received mine on Dec. 6, cashed my check about Jan. 10 and finally issued my permit on March 14. I was beginning to worry.I called them to check on it every week for about 5 weeks.


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    I sent my paperwork in on Dec 13. My permit was issued on 4/4.....I'm still waiting for it in the mail. 120+ Days!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Templar View Post
    120+ Days!!!


    I've heard that patience is a virtue. We'll see . . .

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    Maybe FL should just start issuing the permits on Dec. 25 or the applicant's birthday, whichever comes first.

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    My non-resident Florida permit took 2 or 3 weeks to get back (dates are below - you do the math).

    I mailed it on 1/11/10 and received my permit in the mail on 1/28/10.
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    can someone tell me the procedure for getting the fl. permit?
    molon labe

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    Remember the OP is nearly a year old. Florida has gotten rid of the backlog and is much faster now.

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