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Thread: Ga or Fla, permit

  1. Ga or Fla, permit

    Georgia or Florida????

    If given a choice, would you get a Georgia GFl or a Fl CWP. I will be retiring in about 5 years and plan to move south to be close to my kids/grandkids. They live in St Mary's, Georgia real close to the Florida line. I can live in either state and still be close to them. I was wondering which is better to live in Fl or Ga as for as concealed carry is concerned. Im leaning toward Fl because of tax reasons, but its not a real show stopper.


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    wolfhunter Guest
    Florida has no personal income tax and the CCW laws seem to be better defined, and more protective of the law-abiding gun owner.

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    Florida for sure, recognized in more states & the tax benefits in Florida are a plus.

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    Can you get a non-resident in Florida? You can only carry in GA if you are a resident. They don't reciprocate with any other state. So if you can get a non residenti for Florida, then being a resident of GA would be better.
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    GA requires residents to get a GA license. Recognition and reciprocity is not extended to GA residents.

    I would choose FL over GA any day because of no State income tax, better estate taxes and asset protection and firearm laws. If I ever leave NV, the two top States I would consider moving to would be FL or TX.
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    I live in Georgia and many improvements have been made to their firearms laws thanks to Georgiacarry. A resident Florida permit is recognized in far more states than Georgia's and the laws are clearer. Both are great states but I think Florida has the advantage when it comes to taxes. I retired from the Air Force in Georgia and decided to stay with no regrets (except maybe the summer humidity ).

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    Yes u can get a nonres. For Florida but u would still have to get georgia + you still would be restricted from states like S. Carolina.

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    Yes u can get a nonres. For Florida but u would still have to get georgia + you still would be restricted from states like S. Carolina who does not accept Georgia or nonresident permits.

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    wolfhunter Guest
    According to the Florida Dept. of Agriculture, the reciprocity map on this site, and the map at Georgia recognizes CWLs issued by Florida, and South Carolina recognizes those issued to Florida residents.

  11. Thanks guys,

    I am leaning towards either Yulee or Callahan Fl as my next perminent residence. Just asking in case there was something i should know about carry in both states.


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