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We had a local LEO killed in the line of duty. Though he was shot in an area not protected by the Spectra vest, during the investigation, they discovered that his vest had deteriorated faster than the expiration date (as printed on the armor plates), and would not have provided adequate protection if he did get shot in the vest.

Proper storage is important, however the expiration dates on the plates are there for a reason. Being that your life could literally be at stake, I'd sooner replace the armor plates than use them past the expiration date. Some companies have an actual expiration date, others have a xx years from the date of issue type expiration date.

Stay safe!gf
My vest only has a date of issue and no mention of the expiration date. I also have an older Kevlar vest that was used by my, at the time, local police department (I donated my vest to them to test against the Spectra that my newspaper was doing a story on -they were buying me a new Spectra vest anyway) and that one did have an expiration date. I will be calling the manufacturer on Monday to see what they say about the expiration of the vest.