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Thread: CC body armor/ BP vests

  1. CC body armor/ BP vests

    I started looking into body armor and it got me thinking how many of you guys wear it?
    There are so many manufactures and different styles.

    What kinds and level of protection do you use?

    II, IIA, IIIA, III or IV

  3. These guys look pretty cool
    Concealable Body Armor and Accessories

    this guy has used Police vest for a good price Body Armor / Bullet proof Vests

    any info would be helpful.

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  5. body armor

    I believe that most concealed carry people will find body armor to hot, and cumbersome to wear on a regular basis unless you reside in a cold climate. For those that have never worn body armor it is like wearing an insluated vest under your shirt and in warmer climates, such as the one I live in, will find your t shirt soaked with persperation after just a couple hour of wear. You can get accustomed to the daily wear by it is definately not comfortable. It is good to have for those occasions when you suspect that things could get dangerious. Full coverage is a lot hotter than the vest that does not offer side protection, but you trade off some comfort for protection. Only you can decide how much coverages is enough. If you live in a cold climate it is a lot easier to get in the habit of wearing it on a daily basis. I carry a vest behind the seat of my vehicle so, if I have just a little warning I can slip it on and go forth to deal with the problems.This is not an ideal situation but it is a comprimise, like many things in life.
    If you are going to spend money on body armor, which ever style and protection level you choose, go with new instead of used as body armor deteriates over time and you do not know if the previous owner of used body armor abuse it or not, and new smells a lot better.

    Be safe.

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    I have to agree with Magistrate PO. I have worn body armor on a regular basis and have to say that during the summer months I was always dreading having to get out of the A/C car to check a building or respond to a call. During the winter months, I was alway happy that I had the the vest as it was "extra" insulation.

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    You might want to check your local laws on this. I know around here it is illegal for a civvie to wear body armor. There are some exceptions but they are few and far between.

  8. thanks for the info. Looks like the best plan is buy new and two different vest, light weight and heavy duty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin View Post
    You might want to check your local laws on this. I know around here it is illegal for a civvie to wear body armor. There are some exceptions but they are few and far between.
    I know it's like that here in Ohio. The LEO friends I have say it is a no-no!. Now, having it @ home for the mrs to throw on & protect herself & the baby is something else.
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    Regardless of what the law says, if an LEO finds out that you're carrying and wearing body armor, he could make your life very difficult. In most jurisdictions, it is illegal to wear body armor while in the commission of a felony (for the life of me I can't figure out why; if you're committing a felony, what difference does it make whether you're wearing body armor?). Besides, I worked as a security officer for two years and body armor is very uncomfortable. In the summer, in addition to being too tight and restricting your movement, it's hot as heck. In the wintertime, most of the discomfort is due just to the tight fit. As soon as I got home, my vest was always the first thing I took off. I couldn't imagine wearing it outside of work, ever.
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    I've found that a properly fitted vest worn with the proper undergarments (they make shirts that have ventilation ribs, or undergarments like "Under Armor" work great), minimize discomfort while maximizing protection.

    Find a design that fits your body type and is comfortable to wear. If you're not wearing your vest, then it won't do you much good.

    There are several sources for body armor. Shop around online and you should be able to find a good deal.

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