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Thread: Concealed Carry or "Lawfully Contained"-Michigan Casino Parking Lot?

  1. The discussion has been helpful. Since I started all of this, I've gotta jump back in. I'm no lawyer, perhaps that's helpful, but from what I read in the earlier discussion segments, there were at least two different State agencies involved: 1. The State Legislature: They passed the resolution which lists the 8 locations where CC is prohibited (Sec. 1 (a) through (h) and then a Sec 3 regarding "Premises does not include parking areas listed 1-8 (1-8 = a.-h.) in Sec. 1. That is NOT outdated information as far as Legislative action goes.

    Then: 2. The Dept of Treasury (not the Legislature) established an "Administrative Rule" banning CC from Casinos - Admin Rule: R 432.1212 Weapons in Casino, which goes on to mention "IN" in more than place. Rule 212. indicates (1) An individual may not carry a firearm or other weapon in a
    casino, except for the following entities: (then lists to whom this rule doesn't apply...but does not "expand" the prohibition to parking areas.

    Unless some part of the Administrative Rule was not included in the earlier discussion, it would seem the Dept of Treasury meant "in a casino" and not extended to the parking areas. In the MSP bulletin, they added the Admin Rule as though it was part of the legislation...which it is not and for (only?) that reason they couldn't change it to 1-9 (actually would have been a. - i.") My recollection of the bulletin put out by the MSP was that "Casinos" was listed below the comment regarding premises 1-8 and since "Casinos" wasn't part of the legislative action, couldn't be changed by them and listed it accordingly.

    In any event the Admin. Rule carries the weight of state law so just to err on the side of not becoming a violator, I'll secure my gun in the trunk while away from casino property and transfer it while in a secure area after I leave the premises, including the parking lot.

    It goes to show that words mean things and the most intelligent people aren't always the ones that finalize the legislation. Thanks again to all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dcm736 View Post

    It goes to show that words mean things
    Unless you are Bill Clinton, then words mean what ever you feel like they should mean.

    and the most intelligent people aren't always the ones that finalize the legislation.
    Reffer to previous statement.

    Thanks again to all.

    Not a problem.

  4. Yeah, a license to carry a concealed weapon is actually a partial permit to semi-regular concealed carry, regulated and controlled by the actions and limitations of various and sundry legislative vagaries, many of which will be hidden from you and generally not widely known among law enforcement officers.

    Unless you subscribe to the theory that "concealed" actually means "concealed", in which case the only one who will ever know you are carrying concealed where you shouldn't will be:
    a) yourself;
    b) the Masked gunman you just shot in the act of committing (murder, rape, etc.) and everyone around you; or
    c) the guys operating the metal detector you walked through at the doorway without seeing it.

    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants ... for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson

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