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  1. information on carry permit

    Does anyone no where i can go to see what the status of me and my wife's carry permit license is. it should be any day, but still curious.

  3. Website, phone number for tennessee

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    Here you go. Handgun Carry Permits You can find this and other links/info in the TN forum.
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  5. Tenn permits take a while. In some cases 4 weeks but I have heard as high as 8-10 weeks. I'm not sure if there is anyway you can get an "update" on your status, seeing that the Feds do a background check, and also who you gave your $$$ to will paly into how long it will take.

    Oh and one more thing.....don't do like my friend and assume that his Training Course Certificate would act as a temporary permit until the real one came in. He got caught with his Glock before he got his permit, was charged with felony possession, and can't even carry his gun......what a!!!


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    There is a phone number you can call from the TN D.o.S. website.

    The ladies that take care of it are SUPER friendly. They'll let you know your status, and possibly when it ships. Sometimes, a phone call is all it takes to move it from the "Approved" folder to the "In the Mail" folder.

    For government employees that process TONS of paperwork, PLUS answer the phone calls of impatient people, they do a fantastic job of representing the DoS in a polite, friendly, and efficient way. The world would be a better place if gummint agencies operated like they do.
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    Mine was only approved after I called Tennessee DOS.

    So Give them a ring and light a fire under their butts.

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    Mine was only approved after I called Tennessee DOS.

    So Give them a ring and light a fire under their butts.

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    my wife called Tennessee Department of Safety last week to ask on the status of her permit. The lady on the phone told her that the office was way behind in processing applications (100 days +). She then said, "well since I have your file pulled up and can see that your application is complete, Ill go ahead and mail it today." My advice, wait 90 day and call and you will get your permit the next day.

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