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Thread: This is an actual scenario unfolding for me Now What would you do?

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    I am afraid for you and your family. But, as I read on, I am happy to hear that you are getting reaasigned. There was alot of sound advice, and I concur w/ them in stating better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. Good Luck, & Godspeed!
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    Carry! The company is only looking out for themselves by trying to avoid lawsuits from the BG if you would have to protect yourself with your weapon- when in fact their allegiance should be with you. I know how difficult it can be finding a job these days but this is your life we are talking about. Don't be a Victim!!

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    Unarmed security is an oxymoron. And I love how You start out on an Armored car with hundreds of thousands of dollars or more, making twelve dollars an hour and they charge 30+ an hour for their services when it's not their hind-ends on the line.
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  5. In this scenario, is it advisable to yell "I quit" before firing?

    I think I'd carry, damn the consequences. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

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    Ranger984 I also am an armed security officer. I reserve the right to refuse to go to any security site that I deem is unsafe. I don't know what state you are in, but in my state (Florida), if you carry armed on an unarmed site you will lose your Security
    License. Your concealed license means nothing as a security officer. It is strictly for civilians. And I believe that if you pull and shoot on an unarmed site , you will be prosecuted for carrying concealed on an unarmed site. I maybe wrong about this, but that is why I reserve the right to refuse to work an unsafe site. When your boss can't get anyone to work his site then maybe he will wake up. But, it has to be done by the whole staff of the site or it probably won't work . I would rather look for a new job than have my life ended because my boss is too money hungry to tell the client that they must not only allow the officers to carry a gun, but they also must pay you more for carrying the gun. I have turned down many jobs this year where they want me to carry a gun for $10.00 per hour or less. What a joke. They can have their stupid job if that is the case. You watch, the demand for quality armed security officers is going to go dramatically up when the crime rate goes up. If you are not licensed to carry a gun on duty, spend your own money and buy your own gun that you are comfortable with. Don't let your Employer dictate what quality of gun you have. The state you live in may tell you what caliber you can carry, like Florida does, but I can control the quality of my weapon. I carry a Smith and Wesson 5906, 9 mm, with Crimson Trace laser grips. Be safe out there, and don't let your employer force you into losing your life.

  7. If you have a permit from Ohio you should be good in both KY and TN (according to the state reciprocities on this site).

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    Concealed carry is not appropriate in this situation. I am not trying to sway you from doing so. In fact I think that you should. The reason I think it is inappropriate is that your adversaries know you and are able to easily surprise you. In your situation I assume you are wearing a uniform where you would to deeply conceal your gun. Try to draw from your carry options. It more than likely it won't be very fast. It is likely you'll be drawing at sight of the BG weapon at least the cops draw from holsters and have a good chance. Quit now while you still can the people who love you want you in one piece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Red Hat View Post
    I'd carry concealed regardless of their policy. I'd even carry a BUG in my pocket. If nothing every happens at least you'll have the satisfaction and ease of mind that you have a means to protect yourself. The worst thing that can happen if you get caught is you'll get fired and if you get fired you can draw unemployment.
    Not if the OP lives in SC. A willful violation of an employer's policy makes the termination a with-cause termination. You cannot collect unemployment in SC if you voluntarily quit a job, or if you are terminated with cause.

    I do NOT agree with the employer's rules in question here. But that does not change the facts reguarding unemployment compensation law. Unemployment compensation is available to compensate non-seasonal employees who's jobs are eliminated due to economic conditions, relocations, or business closings. It is not an entitlement, and no part of an employee's pay is directed to the unemployment compensation fund.

    The OP cannot and should not be able to collect unemployment for quitting or getting fired for breaking the rules set by the employer.

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    What's more important? Your life or your job? Weigh the risks of all courses of action and act accordingly.
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    They know you are there

    If they know you are there then they know what you drive and what you look like. That being said, if comments were made that they do not like you there it is going to be harder for you to stand your post anyway because now they know you are there. WHich also means you are a liability. Your title is Ranger? Were you one? If so there are other opportunities that exist for those with the backgrounds such as ours (I was Navy SF). I would do some looking and start taking to some other groups that exist. It will still be dangerous work but at least you can be armed with the "items" needed to complete the mission and keep you safer than a sitting duck that you seem to be in now.

    Just some advice. Be safe and remain aware of those around you.

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