Please Help in Arizona Friday May 15th, 2009
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Thread: Please Help in Arizona Friday May 15th, 2009

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    Please Help in Arizona Friday May 15th, 2009

    Please log onto KSAZ FOX 10 News | Phoenix News, Weather, Traffic and Sports and scroll down on the right side.

    The question concerns the bill going through the legislature for carry in retaurants.

    The Fox news team did an excellent job of covering the NRA convention opener, and the news anchors were talking about going, and also what guns they want to buy.

    Thank you for voting and helping out "our side".

    Daily Poll Should guns be allowed in restaurants and bars?

    Total Votes: 76
    A citizen who shirks his duty to contribute to the security of his community is little better than the criminal who threatens it.

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    A very biased wording of the question if you ask me.

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    up to 61% now.

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    Now it's 62%.
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