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Thread: How do I get the wife to stop saying......

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    My .02 worth...

    My .02 worth: if you want your wife to stop saying those things to you then have her go out and buy her own things to carry, cc or oc. I'd never say any of those things to my hubby because I wouldn't want him turning around and saying them to me. I believe that I carry more often than he does.

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    My wife isn't nervous around guns so that isn't an issue. However she, like many, doesn't think I need to carry everywhere I go or around the house. I used to get the occasional rolling of the eyes or the "commando" comments. At first I would respond with my reasoning, but soon found myself sounding like a broken record. So, I just started ignoring her or answering with a simple "Yup", and the comments ceased. That may make me sound like a jerk, but it got the point across that, "Yes I am carrying EVERYWHERE no matter how silly you think I am." I suppose it was just something new that took some getting used to. She almost doesn't think about it anymore.
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    Many people for one reason or another live in denile. They go through life with the attitude that all bad things happen to the other guy. That is one reason I sujested exposing her to as many stories as you can that show the necessity of beaing armed. The follwoing sites, if you can get her to look at them, might be of help also.

    The Paxton Quigley Web Page

    Cornered Cat
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  5. Tell her "I would rather carry every day and never need it, than go out once and have you hurt or killed because I didn't have it."

    I could not live with myself if anything happend to my loved ones because I left my defensive tools at home.
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  6. Lightbulb my philosophy

    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfling68 View Post
    Tell her "I would rather carry every day and never need it, than go out once and have you hurt or killed because I didn't have it."

    I could not live with myself if anything happend to my loved ones because I left my defensive tools at home.
    I don't carry at home because there is zero chance that any intruder can get into my home before I can get to my holster - but I am never on a different floor or more than a room away from my primary; but if I am in and out of the house, or in the middle of the day, I'd just as soon carry rather than take it on and off.

    I would never leave my defensive tools at home. Who would want to be the guy who could have saved his family but left his pistol home that day? That guy would be a real idiot. I will never be that guy. My commitment is to carry for 5 years straight and after that, if for some reason, I decide not to carry any more, then I won't. Chances are that unless the world changes a lot for the better, I will renew my rolling 5 year carry commitment when it comes up -

    Just my own two cents....

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    I have to clarify something in my origional post. My wife did not actual see my pistol, she decided to feel me up and since we was standing behind me while I was sitting in an office chair she hit it on her way up. And I had to explain...yes I was happy to see you but yes that is still a gun in my pants, haha. So to clarify, I do try to keep it out of site out of mind. But...because the safe place for me to lock and load in the morning is in my closet there are many times she walks in on my and knows I'm carrying. Before I got my CWP last week she and the kids knew when I had it because after carrying under my shirt to my truck (in my driveway) I would have to transfer to the console. I may find that she knows about it less now that I don't have to transfer, but there are still times when we get close that she'll know.

    I do appreciate the tips about sending articles and showing her the articles in the NRA magazine. Maybe that'll convince her to carry...her father and I have been working on that for a while. But although she is fine with me carrying (to bad places) she is not interested in firing a gun or carrying a gun.
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    Now I understand your problem Agressive ... see my wife gave up "feeling me up" years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggressive1 View Post
    How do I get my wife to stop saying...."you don't need to take THAT" or "why do you still have THAT on?"
    She was supportive of me buying the firearm and supportive of me getting my CWP, but now that I have it she wants to me leave it at home unless I am going to "a bad neighborhood" or going to the office early or late.
    Time heals all wounds.....eventually, she'll just learn it's a battle not worth fighting.

    The only heat I get anymore is that I won't tuck my shirt in. Either that, or I complain that my pants are too big, she says "Well if you didn't dress around your gun, it wouldn't be an issue!"
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  10. I wish I could relate to your situation, but I really can't - the wife has been supportive of my interest in guns from the start of our relationship.

    Early on, before we were married, I introduced her to guns and shooting and she took to it like a pig to slop! So, when I was ready to get my state CCW, there was no question as to her feeling on this - in fact, we applied together and can both legally carry in thirty-two states.

    The only advice I can offer is to try to GENTLY push her in the direction of concealed carry: Why it's important and what the ramifications to BOTH of you could be should you (or her) be accosted by a miscreant bent on harming you both. Then try to get her to the range and teach her gun safety and how to handle a firearm and who knows - she may get to like it!

    Good luck!
    Stay safe - DW
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  11. The Wife...

    doesn't like guns. Vowed never to have one in the house, then after we'd been married 10 years she finally asked what was in the lockbox in my closet shelf. Duh! Then when i began to drift back to hunting, i bought a safe for my home office; that actually made her feel a lttle better about the growing collection of rifles and handguns.

    Shortly after 9-11 (when my office was destroyed) i decided to pursue my CCW. Now i carry just about everywhere except work. She has defnitely dropped hints, made comments about living in fear, etc. I NEVER tell her whether i'm armed, and she almost never asks or observes it on her own. As to the fear, I've explained it like this:

    "It is definitely not about fear - quite the opposite. It's about celebrating the value of my life, of your life, and of our family. It's about a changing world where violent crime can happen in an instant, right in your living room with the growing problem of home invasions. Mostly it's about my responsibility to my family, as protector. I would rather die resisting than be defenseless as some thugs savage my wife and daughter. It's about being prepared for the unthinkable, should it ever happen. It's about empowerment, not fear. "

    I rarely talk about guns, but do mention certain Armed American stories from time to time. She still doesn't like guns, but has said a couple of times, she should take my handgun safety course and learn how to shoot. Just so she would know how if ever necessary. That hasn't happened yet, but i am holding out hope.
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