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Thread: How do I get the wife to stop saying......

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    If she doesnt like it...she probally never will...

    I mean really is there sense in carrying all the time?

    I kinda agree with her as far as maybe if you go into a neighboor hood that would require.....

    Anything can happen at anytime

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    How do I get the wife to stop saying......

    A good backhand across the pie hole should do the trick.
    "If it is time to bury your guns, then it is time to dig them up!"

  4. RE: "Bad Neighborhood"

    Didn't you evar go to the rich neighborhood to Trick Or Treat for Halloween because they had better candy? Why would anyone hold up a person in a "Bad Neighborhood" when people in poorer neighborhoods don't have anything worth stealing? Heck I've read about people being followed home from ritzy/expensive Jewelry stores to their mansion/home where they got shot in the driveway and their Rolex stolen .... no "bad neighborhood" there.

    "GOOD neighborhoods" are probably more dangerous. As well as "SAFE places" like churches, army bases etc. where everyone is pretty much unarmed (so people think).

  5. Quote Originally Posted by NCjones View Post
    How do I get the wife to stop saying......

    A good backhand across the pie hole should do the trick.
    if only that much gusto existed in

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    Quote Originally Posted by kelcarry View Post
    Hey dsocoll and JJ: We may be married many years but I have found after 45 years of marriage that the issue of guns on you, off you, in the house, just for the heck of it etc etc are solved easily. It's called jewelry. Spend the bucks and they do not care afterward.
    Thanks for the tip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggressive1 View Post
    Well, things have adjusted quite a bit in my house since I started this post. The wife NEVER questions my carrying of the firearm anymore although she does tell me to "take that thing off" when she knows I'm home to stay for the night. And this morning when she wanted a little snuggling before work, she removed it and set it on the nightstand. We had a bank robbery in our area a couple of weeks ago and I told her to take the Taurus (PT1911 ALR) with her in the car and amazingly she didn't argue she took it. She also took it on an inspection out in the county recently. My bro in law mentioned something to her about a CWP class recently in a way that sounded like she had asked him about it.

    I broke her in well

    I'm just glad I don't get pressure from her not to carry anymore and that she is willing to keep a firearm close when she and my children need to be protected. Thats all I ask.
    A job well done.

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    hey y'all: My wife must be very savvy and understand the prid qui pro of marriage or you guys have found a way to "train" them, but no one other than me seems to have found jewelry as the great equalizer. Works all the time and that's 45 years worth.

  9. The broadcast media does not tell these stories because it would not fit their agenda of getting rid of guns.

  10. Are you a troll or do you really mean this?

    Quote Originally Posted by IheartTedNugent View Post
    If she doesnt like it...she probally never will...

    I mean really is there sense in carrying all the time?

    I kinda agree with her as far as maybe if you go into a neighboor hood that would require.....

    Anything can happen at anytime
    Once you make the decision to carry, at all, I don't understand how you could not be committed to doing it all the time. Not just once in a while, like a wannabe who thinks a gun makes him important or tough, and isn't at all committed to developing and maintaining the necessary firearms skills and in-depth understanding of the legailties surrounding use of lethal force. Frankly, that scares me. The fact that you are on this forum asking a question like that is, to me, and i apologize if i failed to get your joke or something, a troll. Meaning, an anti who posts stuff like this on CCW forums for some perverse fun.

    If any of us knew when or where we would need a gun, then we wouldn't need to carry - we simply wouldn't be "there" at that time. We carry because we DON'T know when it might happen; but we are honest enough to acknowledge that bad things do sometimes happen to good people. You buy fire insurance, don't object to fire alarms and extinguishers in your kid's schools, lock your car when you park it and lock your house up at night, so you can accept certain types of bad things happening, but to not carry, or to limit your carry of your best means of personal protection to certain occasions means you are mostly content to be a sheep living in denial.
    See:On Sheep, Wolves and Sheepdogs for a definitive discussion of sheep, wolves, and sheepdogs by the eminent Col. Grossman.

    I hope i never, ever, have to draw down, let alone pull the trigger on a human being. But the alternative, being unable to defend my family or myself at the time we need it most, is unacceptable. Read about this:
    Ghastly Details In Conn. Home Invasion - CBS News if you need any more evidence about bad things that happen to good people. This was 20 miles from my home, in a nearly identical neighborhood. Both of those innocent girls and their mother might have been still alive today - unraped, un-incinerated, unharmed - if they'd kept a handgun in the house.

    I choose not to live in denial. A lot of people don't understand that perspective. They can't make the intellectual or conceptual leap from buying fire insurance to carrying a firearm. And it's not about fear, or paranoia. It's about empowerment - knowing i've taken a big step toward protecting my family from unspeakable evil. As for carrying - if you need it, you'll need it RIGHT NOW. Think the BG will allow you a time out from the home invasion and wait casually while you run upstairs, unlock the safe, and load a gun? Not likely. It really comes down to either be prepared, or be in denial. Your odds are good nothing horrible will ever happen, but personally I won't bet my family on it.
    "Laws that forbid the carrying of arms ... make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants ... for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man." - Thomas Jefferson

  11. If you still can find the receipt, maybe you can return her.

    On of the final reasons that tipped the scales for my wife was when I asked her:

    Without a gun:
    1) What would she expect me to do if I came home and found and intruder raping her;
    2) If we're out and someone started to do ME bodily harm, what was her plan;
    3) If she was one of the unlucky ladies that recently were at a mall in a store and were escorted to the back room and shot, what would she be thinking?

    A week later we were both signed up for our CCW classes and she's now always armed when she leaves the house. YMMV so keep looking for the receipt.

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