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  1. Back in the late 70's in Northeast Texas my wife was reading the newspaper about the Sheriff's Department was conducting a handgun class for women due to the house break ins. My wife said I think I will sign up for this class (she had never fired a handgun). I was dumbfounded, we did not own a handgun. She needed one for the class. A member of our church owned a gun store and I relayed this story to him. He said to bring her out to the farm that he had quite a few handguns out there for her to try. We went to the farm and she shot gun after gun before selecting a Ruger .357 with a four inch barrel. The last day of the class was live fire and scored the best in the class at all distances.

    Now she is watching the news and she says I think that I want my CCP and starting practiceing again.

    I have had my CCP about a year and a half. What better Xmas gift than this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aggressive1 View Post
    How do I get my wife to stop saying...."you don't need to take THAT" or "why do you still have THAT on?"

    She was supportive of me buying the firearm and supportive of me getting my CWP, but now that I have it she wants to me leave it at home unless I am going to "a bad neighborhood" or going to the office early or late.
    Tell her "Wrong answer".

    Carrying only when one is knowingly going into a "bad neighborhood" means one is going armed with a handgun to meet trouble. This is problematic for a couple of reasons.

    #1 - If one is expecting trouble, then one is a danged fool to take a handgun. One takes a rifle or shotgun, depending on the situation and expectations, when going to meet trouble.

    #2 - The law tends not to view such decisions in a favorable light when undertaken by a private citizen under all but dire circumstances.

    #3 - One carries a handgun not because one is expecting trouble but because trouble is so unexpected and unpredictable. A handgun can be comfortably carried daily whereas it's not practical to do so with a rifle or shotgun under most conditions.
    Ken Grubb
    Puyallup, WA

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    Quote Originally Posted by NCjones View Post
    How do I get the wife to stop saying......

    A good backhand across the pie hole should do the trick.
    If I did this, my wife would promptly yank her piece and blow my sh#t away. Your wife obviously does not carry (or else she likes Neanderthals).

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    If I did this, my wife would promptly yank her piece and blow my sh#t away.
    I wonder if this is what REALLY happened between Tiger and Elin.
    Ken Grubb
    Puyallup, WA

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    I've been following this one just to see where it goes. When my wife and I leave the house, she always asks, "Did you get an extra mag?" If we're in a store that has anything firearm-related, she beats me to the counter. The part that really warms my heart is that her favorite gun to carry is my .45 Colt SSA. I'm a lucky man!!

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    This goes back a long ways: Even though I always hunted and we had long guns in the house my wife was against having handguns, especially when our daughter was little. Then two things happened. 1. I joined the NRA and we started reading the armed citizen articles. 2: Some nut with a flashing red light impersonating a state police officer was pulling over cars in our area and if a woman was alone he would rape them. We were living in a fairly rural area at the time. This was prior to PA becoming a right-to-carry state but we both applied for and got permits for "personal protection" at the discretion of the county sheriff. My wife became very proficient and we regularly shot together in competitions. Years later her grandmother was murdered (knifedd to death) in Philadelphia in her own home for less than five dollars. My wife never questions why I want to carry and she always carries herself. When tested for our Texas CHLs I shot a perfect score and she dropped 2 points off a percect target. I'm very proud of her.

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    IDK, mine usually checks to make sure I HAVE IT - especially if we're going somewhere unfamilier to us.

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