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Thread: FINALLY got my Utah permit

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    Mine cam Tuesday, 85 days after dropping app in the mail
    Good Luck!!!

  3. Utah Permit arrival.

    Got my Utah permit today. Right on time. Instructor said it take approx. 6 six weeks and it arrive only a day off schedule.

    Good luck to those applying soon.

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    Just got mine too!

    Ever heard of the bottom of the pile? I just got mine today 150 days from application. I think a stack must have fallen off someones desk and mine ended up back at the bottom of the pile.
    Like my Pappy used to say, Don't count your chickens before they hatch ! Glad most are getting theirs in a timely matter though!

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    I still don't understand how it can reasonably take ANY state longer than 60 days to run a background check and issue a permit. It takes less time to get a liquor licence in some states.

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