Yet, Another Reason To Always Carry
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Thread: Yet, Another Reason To Always Carry

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    Yet, Another Reason To Always Carry

    Nothing more to say

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    Quote Originally Posted by old salt View Post
    Nothing more to say

    I just wish he would have spoken about - IF it wasn't for my 2nd amendment rights, My wife and I would be dead and these guys would still be out on the streets, waiting to rob someone else..
    We, as a society, need to preserve our 2nd amendment rights as well as all of our rights.

    Cagey old codger - faking a heart attack.. Made me think of Fred Sanford.. I'm coming to see you Elizabeth, BANG, BANG, BANG..!!

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    70 years old and takes care of business.

    +1 for him! and 2 BGs won't hurt anyone else.
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    It was probably hard enough for this gentleman to discuss having to kill 2 people, even though it was a justified killing that saved his life and the life of his wife. If you have ever had to kill someone it's not a thing to brag about....
    "If you seek peace, prepare for war"

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    I cannot get the video to work for me. *sigh*

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