Best Way To Conceal For a Small Guy
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Thread: Best Way To Conceal For a Small Guy

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    Best Way To Conceal For a Small Guy

    I'm a small framed guy, 140#, and 68" tall. I carry a Baretta .40 Model 96 in an Uncle Mike's holster on my belt loop for cross-draw.

    I have no problem concealing in cool/cold weather (below 60 deg. F....I get cold easily) by using a Carhart canvas ranch vest, or, my down vest, or my larger ranch coat. The bulk and length of these clothing items adequately conceals. [I wear Western Shirts and Jeans all the time. warm/hot weather, I am at a loss of what to wear that does NOT seem "out of season" and still be able to conceal. I have thought about wearing one of those "summer" vests for concealed carry, but not sure. I am "thin" enough so that I don't have any extra fat to "hide" a handgun. Even getting a small frame or compact SA would still be difficult to conceal.

    Any ideas anyone???

    Any and all comments and suggestions will be more than welcome.

    P.S.: I had thought about using a "belly pack" (aka a "fanny pack"); however, in my rural area that would be a dead out of character to a guy in livestock ranching.

  3. Best Way To Conceal For a Small Guy

    Hi, I would suggest checking out two different holsters. On is the Crossbreed Supertuck Delux and the second is the smartcarry. If you google them you will find their webisites and videos on both holsters in action. Strongly recommend both holsters.

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    The Crossbreed line of IWB holsters looks comfortable. HOWEVER, for a small guy that doesn't wear oversized jeans or shirts and who doesn't have a "potbelly" to help hide the gun, I can't see it would work for me...unfortunately.

    I don't wear T-Shirts or pullover shirts for outerwear. Shirt is always tucked in.

    Guess I just need to wear a vest when I'm in public with a Sign that says, "What's your problem...I'm COLD!" LOL!!

  5. 96FS is just a big gun. I own a 92FS and I'd never consider even trying with summer clothing. I think both slide and mag well are way too fat for confortable IWB carry. But that is a matter of opinion.

    I am 6'8", medium frame and 185lb. I carry a Makarov in a custom made leather IWB holster. Works for me. Everything else I tried did not work. Some people change to a small frame, more concealable gun during summer time.

    You will have to try a few things until you find the right set of trade offs for you. Sorry, no short cuts. Read good comments about Kholster

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    Around here, a vest in the summertime screams CCW just about as much as a fanny pack. I've never been to TX, but I envision a vest as fairly common attire, even in the summer, right? If you always tuck in, the vest is about the only way to go with a gun that size and your body frame. Plus, having your gun under a tucked in shirt is not very quick on the draw.

    BUT would you be in the market for a new gun? There are a handful of big bore pocket guns available. This would allow you to carry in a wallet holster or ankle holster. (This is what I plan on doing in the near future)

    Check this site out for a bunch of "pocket guns":Mouseguns.Com New Index
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  7. With the Kholster IWB it is very easy to Kant the gun to decrease the reveal. It is also very thin and tuckable. I wear it in the summer with an over sized T-Shirt tucked in and have no issues. the full sized leather that covers the grip from hitting your body is great, you don not need to wear an undershirt under the T shift or loose fitting western shirt. I wore mine for 8 hours with just a T shirt and no undershirt this weekend without any issues what so ever

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    I'm about as tall as you are and a bit lighter, so I understand the need of trying to find a holster that fits a slender body build.

    I wear a velcro-type belly-band (like the one you see called defender holster on Gun Concealment holsters, shoulder holsters, leather holster or the NRA belly holster on - Product Detail).

    I've had this type of holster for years and it has served me well by hugging my gun closely--attached to me, rather than to my belt or my clothes. It conceals my gun well under my clothes and I adjust it to allow for cross draw. I've worn it under dress pants, dresses, jeans, and cargo shorts. Shirts are sometimes tucked in. (Some of my friends can even wear this holster with shorts and a shirt over which makes it easy for summer time.)

    There are variations of this type of belly band holsters and some do have a leather panel on the band to give more reinforcement. I removed the thumb break off mine for ease of drawing--I have no need for the thumb break since this holster is under my clothes anyway and the elastic hugs my gun closely to my body. I haven't had any issue with the gun shifting or moving out. It is comfortable for me--I wear it with my gun for more than 12 hours per day and go every where.

    Good luck with your search for a holster that fits you.

    - Ceicei

  9. I used to carry in an ankle holster. Weight is un comfortable and a problem if tou have to move quickly. Imagin trying to draw while moving. It's slow, clumsy, and looks so rediculus it draws attention. Of course in my case i"m always triping over my big feet anayways.

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    I would suggest trying a smart carry. A tucked in shirt isn't a problem, and actually give you a smoother draw. A big gun might be a bit bulgy, but hey, that might not be a bad thing.

    A word of warning, i was carrying my SR9 under a pair of jeans and didn't realize the button ont he jeans was metal on the inside (not just sewn on), and the gun was riding higher than it should have and scratched my slide pretty good. If you try a smart carry, watch out for metal button backs and make sure the gun sits below the button.

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    I'm 5'4" and weigh 165lbs. I don't have a problem conealing even my 1911. In warm weather, I wear my smartcarry SmartCarry - Concealed Gun Holsters You should definitely check it out. Charlie (owner of smartcarry) told me to buy the largest one to carry different size weapons in the same holster. He explained that you can use a saftey pin to adjust the size of the pocket for your weapon. You also might want to look at getting a pocket size gun to carry in a pocket holster. I have one of these for my S&W 340pd and my Walther PPK/S Pocket Holsters

    Good Luck!

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