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Thread: Pocket pistol vs. Compact pistol for CCW

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    wolfhunter Guest
    Zebra, take a look at the Para Warthog. It is a 1911 platform .45, with a ten round magazine. 3" barrel, 24 oz., 6.5"OAL, 4.5" high. There is no smaller, more powerful 1911-style, 10+1 semi-auto .45 ACP in the world, and I find mine great to carry, and both fun and accurate to shoot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by utimmer43 View Post
    If you are planning on eventually buying both, I would go with the pocket pistol first. This way you will be able to carry no matter how hot it is, and you can take your time saving up for the compact.
    I agree. Everyone keeps talking about the Kel-tec P3at. Perhaps I should look into that model as well. The price is attractive at half the price of the MDE. My local dealer has a MDE for $495 and it has been there for months.

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    I live in warm weather too, but feel that I can conceal my XD service with shorts and a t-shirt in my crossbreed just fine. I'd rather have my muscle memory and reflexes trained for one gun than to have to think about which gun I have on me. I don't want to think "where's the safety on this gun" when I need to just react. Single gun for CC. Separate gun for home defense is fine, but i say only one for CC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Zebra View Post
    I've gone back and forth on this issue...whether to buy a a pocket pistol or a compact. My primary pistol is a 5-inch 1911 which is utterly reliable and accurate. I'm concerned about compromising reliability and/or accuracy when going with something smaller. But the reality is, I live in the Phoenix metro area and my 1911 is not only a bit of a load for carry, it's also more difficult to properly conceal during warm weather...which is most of the time. I want/need something smaller.

    My preference is a 1911 platform. I've looked at compact 1911s and worry that I won't be able to adequately control a compact model (.45) for fast, accurate follow-up shots. Birthday number 69 is rolling around this year and I probably won't get any stronger. So I persuaded myself to consider a .380 pocket pistol. I looked at the Ruger LCP, a Walther, and the Kel-Tec, but didn't get that warm, fuzzy feeling. Nothing against any of these little pistols...it's just my bias for a single action 1911-style pistol. For the present, I'm waiting to get my hands on the new Sig P238, which seems to be based on the Colt Mustang. Hopefully, that will fill my need. Until then, it's my government 1911 or nothing.
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    I went through the same dilemma you are going through. I have a Kel-Tec, p3at nice little auto until I had the opportunity to shoot the S&W 442. I’m an auto guy but when I put my new S&W 442 loaded with 158 grain +P JHP in a #3 Uncle Mike’s pocket holster, it disappears in my pocket. Love that little revolver. It’s the first thing I put in my pocket in the morning and the last to come out. If I’m washing the car, cutting the lawn (even without a shirt on) it’s only my hand in my pocket away. If you get the S&W 442 you will not be sorry.
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    My G23 goes everywhere with me. Rain, shine, heat or snow. For me, shorts don't make a difference other than well, they're shorts.

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    I also have an XD-40 4" and a Crossbreed SuperTuck, and I wear shorts and T-shirts most of the time here in Florida with no problems. Sometimes I use the QwikClip instead (it goes on and off a lot easier).

    But I just bought a Kel-Tec P-11 for those times I'd like to carry a little lighter. It's a little big for a pocket gun, but it works nicely with my tac pants, and I have 10+1 of 9MM (and an extra mag, just in case). Matter of fact, I might just find myself carrying both at times. And the Kel-Tec had a great price.
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    How about a Glock 27. Compact, powerful, and it's a Glock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 702XD45 View Post
    I agree. Everyone keeps talking about the Kel-tec P3at. Perhaps I should look into that model as well. The price is attractive at half the price of the MDE. My local dealer has a MDE for $495 and it has been there for months.
    Check out the Diamondback DB380! My daughter and son-in-law both have one and they love them! Check em' out;

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    By the way, they fit perfectly in the DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster.

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    The Diamondback DB380... This one is my daughters, but since they sell for under $400, and her piece performed flawlessly at the range, I have decided to buy one myself! Great for hot weather carry! 6+1 of .380 ACP... Very light!!

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    A nice pair of Chinos and a Polo shirt is not going to to anything to help you in a SD situation.

    When facing 8-10 BGs a 6-7rd pocket pistol might not help much either. (This happened to me a few months ago.)

    My wife had her 7rd 380acp and I had my 10rd 45. I would have been in a world of hurt if the BG's hadn't decided against their actions. So, I vote stay away from pocket pistols unless it's a BUG.

    IMHO; buy a high capacity "Compact" like a Taurus 24/7 ProC or XD. XD also offers a high capacity "Sub" compact as well.

    During the HOT Carolina summer I carry my 24/7 ProC 45 and an extra 13rd magazine in a "Smartcarry". This works fine as long as I'm not wearing skin tight shorts. I can easily conceal and still have fast access to my firearm while I wear Cargo shorts, gym shorts or any other "Summer" clothing.

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