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    When I used to ride a motorcycle it was the only means of transportation I had at the time. One day while on my bike going to the range for some target practice I had a Mini 14 strapped across my back. A local LEO pulled me over. I never unslung my weapon but waited on my bike with the engine turned off to see how this was going to play out. The LEO asked to see my Mini 14, checked to make sure I didn't have a live round in the chamber or loaded mag inserted. He then inspected my Mini 14 asking me questions about where did I get the folding stock, heat proof handguard and other add-on's. It was more conversational than anything else. The LEO handed me back my rifle, told me to have a good day and left. I have several friends who ride motorcycles, mostly Harley's, that carry open when ridding and none of them have ever been stopped. These friends all have non-resident FL CCW permits so even if they were stopped they would be legal. In Louisiana it is legal to carry open but not recommended. It's also legal to carry a handgun inside your vehicle without a permit as your vehicle is considered an extension of your home.
    I wonder what would have transpired if you had it chambered and a full magazine? Not that I would recommend it, crashing could create an unintentional discharge, but still? It's not illegal is it?

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    I'd personally carry carry in a Coronado Leather Vest while riding.
    I've tried that, but always had an issue with a lop-sided vest. Do you have an issue with that at all?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scarecrow View Post
    now I want one of those!
    Steve McQueen could have used that bike!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by MADnMO View Post
    Much better. Usable and safe to drive.
    I wonder how you go ask a suspension shop to "please re-spring this for my weight and a machine gun, and a RPG, and armor plating." Why go around the trees when you can relocate them.

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    Gotta luv the pix on NDS post. Now I daydream about mounts on my car and my boat. Also a nice mount with a remote control on my front door and maybe a motorized mount that turns 360 to sweep my house all connected to a small TV monitor that I could have on me and watch and direct the action. My frustrations with our current federal government are causing me headaches and these daydreams.

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    Yesterday I saw a truck in a parking lot with what looked like a Barrett .50 mounted on the back bed. This was in Idaho in front of a gun shop so apparently it's there all the time.
    Reality, DEAL with IT!

  8. WOW great dog then the good guys show up in force. Great!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LS-208 View Post
    we are pretty liberal in our ways of carry here.
    Ha... liberal and guns... haha.

  10. Thoughts? Wonder what caliber he prefers for his firearm.
    Concerns? Only that he's properly maintained his firearm.
    Comments? Motorcycles and guns are both a blast!

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    I almost always open carry while riding. Between gear, gloves, and balancing the bike drawing from concealed its pretty damned tasking. Other drivers tend to give you more space too.
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