Pocket-Carry Advice Wanted
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Thread: Pocket-Carry Advice Wanted

  1. Pocket-Carry Advice Wanted

    I had a Beretta 21A Bobcat and a Walther TPH previously, but got rid of each due to concern of insufficient stopping power, AND the fact that .22 ammo just didn't cycle reliably in each pistol.

    Any advice for other pocket-carry options?



  3. You probably opened up a can of worms here, as everyone has their own opinions. So, I will put in my 2 cents worth for a starter. I carry a S&W 642, with a Mika pocket holster in my front pocket of a pair of Lee jeans. It works for me, doesn't show, and is quite comfortable. The gun is lightweight, but still has the stopping power that would probably be needed.

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    I carry a Ruger LCP 380 but the S&W 642 works well also the Ruger is just thinner and lighter but you give up the stopping power of the 642

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    For me, It's a Kahr CW9. a few more rounds and good stopping power with the right loads.
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    As always love my P-3AT and my Ruger LCP and highly recommend the pocketholsters.com convertible pocket holster for either. I have CT grips on my LCP. I just find even my Kahr PM9 a bit big for pocket, and the 380's are just the right size.

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    I generally carry my S&W Airweight Snubby in a Kramer Gunleather Pocket Holster and 2 Bianchi Speed Strip reloads in my front pockets during hot weather. I also carry a Glock 26 in a Kramer Pocket Holster at times. The Glock of course prints more, so I sometimes wear an untucked shirt that covers my pocket area and it covers the bulge of the Glock. I also carry a spare mag in a pocket mag pouch in the other pocket to somewhat counter-balance the pistol. I have several of the Kramer Holsters for pocket carry and have used them to carry a Walther PPK and a Kahr PM9. All are comfortable to carry and easy to conceal. But I'm a big guy.
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    I use a smith and wesson 442 airweight with a crimson trace laser grip when pocket carrying. I use this holster and feel that I can honestly recommend it Pocket Holsters

    I hope this helps.

  9. I carry a Ruger LCP in a Uncle Mike's front pocket holster and it weighs 11 oz.'s and I barely feel it. In my other front pocket I carry my keys and my billfold (I hate sitting on a billfold in my backpocket). I know there is much debate, but the .380 with good defensive ammo is a good weapon. I also run a lot in the countryside on roads alone and I carry pepper spray and sometimes the little Ruger which is lighter actually than a full water bottle of 20 oz. I am content with this set-up.
    Best of luck.

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    I have the Beretta Tomcat whic is similar to the Bobcat but in 32 cal. More stopping power that a 22 but not perfect With it I have found that some ammo feds o.k. and others not so good so I have to be careful what I use. I think the Ruger LCP or the new Micro Desert Eagle might make a good "mouse" gun. If and when I deciide to get another those would be the ones I would look at.
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    I'll be using my Kel-Tec P-11 as a pocket gun. I know it's a bit larger than most mouse guns, but it's still small enough to carry in my tac pants, and it's got 11 rounds of 9MM - I didn't want to go to any smaller caliber. And the price was right, too.
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