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  1. Glock holster

    Holsters for concealed carry are like purses for women. It is a matter of personal preference and is to a great extent dictated by dress style. I have some Glocks and some holsters but a Galco 1719 T is the fall back standard. I have tried IWB and this Galco is an OWB type with an FBI style cant. I wear it between the belt loop over my right pocket. I have been carrying Glocks with the Galco for about 2 1/2 years since I got my CHL. It conceals quite well with an outside shirt tail. I carried a Glock 17 around for a month after I got my CHL and my wife didn't even notice it.

    The best feature of this Galco model is that you can carry any number of Glock models equally as well. I carry a Glock 17, 26, 22, and 23 with little difference. As far as dress style, since it is OWB, I changed my dress style somewhat to wear sports shirts with square tails outside. I have experienced little discomfort with this setup carrying any of the four Glocks daily. I wear slacks and sport shirts and I carry daily and on occasion carry with this set up while driving 8 or more hours per day. I don't recall what I paid for this holster, but it was less than the Crossbreed. I have probably four other Glock holsters that gather dust that I would gladly trade for ammo.

    If I am in a situation that requires shirt tail in or suit, I carry a Ruger LCP in a pocket holster. The truth of the matter is, for concealed carry, no one handgun will be suitable for every situation. And no one holster is suitable for every situation. I have a Walther PPKS that I bought for my wife who has a CHL also. Unfortunately, holsters for the PPKS has not been an issue since it was recalled less than two months after I bought it and it has been at Smith and Wesson now for almost three months with no end in sight.

    Some people carry a cell phone or a Blackberry on their belt. I carry a Glock and I do not leave home without it. I hope this helps!


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    @GFGrant thanks for the update

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    The first holster he made was for a Glock


    Best holster for Glocks period.
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