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  1. If I understand correctly this HR 197 bill has not been voted down ? i thought it failed a passing vote my @ votes ? was that another bill ?? i am brand new here and hoping a national ccw bill would soon pass.
    I just started ( about a month ago) to follow this bill on and it seems to be gaining sponsers. How many sponsers will it need to pass ?
    any info on this bill would be helpfull

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    Quote Originally Posted by NRA UR2 View Post
    The curious thing to me about all these state laws even after you've applied, taken the class. passed both the written and shooting exams, you still can't take your gun into schools, some stores, police stations, some parks, couurts, airports and the list goes on....all places whereyou'll likely to need a gun when the shooting starts.Its like a double entendre...when You need it most you can't use it. You tell me, are we really better off?
    Yeah, that's why I call South Carolina a "Shall-issue*" state. The asterisk is because, although the state issues permits based on objective standards, there are so many exceptions and loopholes in the carry law to make it a moot point for alot of people.

  4. Don't recall what bill it was but it was a national reciprocity bill that went to vote last year and I believe it needed at 2/3 majority and failed by 2 lousy votes. Am I off base here or dreaming or what? Comments? Makes me crazy. I am a US citizen born in NY and have been living north of Buffalo for some time in Kanada. I have a US passport and am also a Kanadian citizen now as well. Both passports. NEXUS border cards for the whole family (means we've been background checked to the nth degree). Have carry permits from about a half dozen states as non resident. But cannot get carry permits nor are my permits valid in several states. Aggravation. After the Heller decision FL invited me to reapply for a non resident permit and they changed their statutes but the statutes are sorta unclear. You need to be a US citizen and resident in the USA. Well, when I apply I WILL BE resident in the USA travelling about as we are retired and that's what we tend to do. But wouldn't it be so much easier to just have a national reciprocity law and wouldn't it be great if our politicians considered ANY citizen of the USA to be one of "We the People"?

    I will go along with things like "you can't cry fire falsely in a crowded theater" stuff; i.e. no felons, no whackos, no druggies, etc., but for upstanding members of "We the People" our constitutional rights should really be respected. (Doh. I forgot. That's only on Sesame Street.)

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    I'm personally against a National CC license, that means it would be run by the Fedl Govt, and we know how well they do with things. They can't even hardly get passports out. Also, that would amount to a federal registration of gun owners of sorts, and they could modify, amend, and change the rules at any time they wanted...

    Do we want Eric Holder (the anti of anti's ) in charge of that ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleks View Post
    Do we want Eric Holder (the anti of anti's ) in charge of that ?
    Janet Reno would be jealous that someone other than her got that title of anti-gun nobility.

  7. We want the feds to pass a national reciprocity bill. We do not want them to run everything nor do they run things like driver license testing and so on. But there is national reciprocity. That's all.

    Just out of curiousity, have you ever been out of your home state except for military service?

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    Quote Originally Posted by rockwerks View Post
    Lack of knowledge of laws is no excuse. If you cant keep up with a few laws you probably should not be carrying in the first place. Currently states have many different requirements for carry and some states have nearly banned it.
    Seems to me he IS trying to "keep up with a few laws"...thats why he is asking the question,to be pointed in the right direction for the answers...kinda why we ALL are here on this forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by torontogunguy View Post
    We want the feds to pass a national reciprocity bill. We do not want them to run everything nor do they run things like driver license testing and so on. . .. That's all.
    P.S. don't look to keenly at this latest Obamacare bill or you will see the anti-gun provisions being set up.

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    TWO Words "States Rights"!!!! Although a National CCP would be convenient, this also would allow the FED's to again trample on the governing States.

    "The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities." --author and philosopher Ayn Rand (1905-1982)

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    +1 on that mappow

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