Rectangular Pocket holster? Keltec p32
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Thread: Rectangular Pocket holster? Keltec p32

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    Rectangular Pocket holster? Keltec p32

    I carry a keltec p32, and keep it in a small leather holster in my pocket, but it's NOT a pocket holster. First I have to draw the holster with the gun with my right hand, and then remove the holster with my right hand. I would prefer a pocket holster designed to make this a single step. Also (I'm very picky) I would prefer the pocket holster to be a "padded rectangle" so that when it's in my pocket, it "prints" like a wallet, not like a pistol. I've never seen any pocket holster with any such design features. Comments or suggestions?

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    I use a Uncle Mike's #3 pocket holster. They run about $10 and work fine for pocket carry.
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    I just got a Desantis superfly, It comes with a removeable square flap that makes it look like a large wallet, however I have it for a j-frame so it is probably bigger than the holster for the keltec p32, It is also somewhat padded and is completely covered in a very tacky material that holds the holster in place in your pocket. I also have an uncle mikes #3 which sorta printed like a wallet, but isnt quite as secure as the desantis...still works well.

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    I also use an Uncle Mikes #3. I like it and use it everyday for a P3AT. I have a Desantis Nemisis also but the shape does not look like a wallet and it's fatter than the Uncle mikes.
    I carry left front jeans pocket and what little printing there is looks to be a wallet. My uncle Mikes has been in my pocket almost every day for almost 4 years and it's holding up real well.

  7. K&D Holster Pocket Defender

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    Maybe the Uncle Mike's #3 is OK for P3ATs but I use a Uncle Mike's Sidekick #2 for my P3AT and it works great. It just sort of disappears in the average pocket (particularly cargo pockets). Since the P32 is the same size as the P3AT it should be fine for that too.'s cheap! BTW: The #3 was actually designed for J-frame 5-shot revolvers.

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    486 These are not padded, they are real leather, act like a real holster and print like a real wallet. I've carried my P-3AT in one for five years and would not use anything else.

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    I use the Desantis Nemesis pocket holster for my Kel-Tec P-32.
    It stays in the pocket when drawing the P-32.
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  11. I have a Taurus .380 and I have Uncle Mikes #3 pocket holster for it. The holster stays in my pocket when I draw the gun. Looks like my wallet in my pocket.

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