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I know this is an old thread (albeit recently revived), and although I have enjoyed reading posts here at USACarry for some time, I had to register simply to respond directly to the OP.

Carrying concealed around your own young child is one thing, and plenty of people do it safely, including subsequent posters and even myself. But if a parent has made it clear that she or he is not comfortable around guns, then you should respect those wishes and *not* carry in those situations.

P.S. I might suggest to continue "educating" your daughter-in-law (perhaps even indirectly through your son) about the benefits of firearms, but again, in the meantime I would tend to not cross a parent's own wishes when it comes to the caregiving of their child.
If the question had concerned teaching a grandchild about guns, shooting skills, or gun safety I'd say I agree, yield to the parent's wishes. A concealed gun on my person is not a risk factor to the child. Whether or not I CC is tantamount to telling me what color briefs I can wear. Neither the gun nor my briefs should ever be seen, so how is it anyone else's business?