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    I think it took me about 2 years. I started carrying my g23 in an uncle mikes sidekick at SOB position...didnt take me long to find out I hated that. I got a cheap IWB and carried at appendix position. Got a better IWB and carried in same position. I liked that position because of its extreme concealability, however it's not very comfortable when seated. Then I bought myself some overshirts (button-up kind) and started carrying at 3-4 o'clock and haven't changed it. Every once-in-awhile Ill go with a shoulder rig, but most of the time its 3-4 o'clock with a concealment shirt and Im comfortable with that now.

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    I've read the official North Vegas gun laws and the only major difference was the carrying a loaded gun in the car without a permit, its not allowed. Neither is loitering while carrying, strange rules but whatever. As for Boulder City I've never found a reason to go down there, so I avoid it.

    4 Queens and the Nugget eh? Plenty of good times down there, those hurricane footballs are the devil :D
    I'm sorry, I don't know what is a "hurricane football." Is that an alcoholic beverage, or maybe a reference to a football team, Florida or Oklahoma perhaps? Help!

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    I'm going to separate this question of "when did you become comfortable" into two separate questions.

    1) When did you feel comfortable carrying your weapon concealed? After a week of practice at home, before my license arrived, and neither my family nor friends noticed I was fine. After my permit arrived, immediately. And when I switched from my SERPA to my crossbreed, the whole rig became as common as my cell phone. The more invisible and comfortable the rig is, the more comfortable you are with it and won't worry about printing.

    2) When did you feel comfortable carrying your weapon with one in the pipe? Short answer is about a month after I received my CWP. Several trips to the range while carrying "condition one" and piddling in the garage in "condition one" helped ease my mind that this gun won't go off unless you make it. It's the only way to carry, IMO.
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