Ohio permit in 4 days
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Thread: Ohio permit in 4 days

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    Ohio permit in 4 days

    Clark County Ohio ccw permit in 4 days - not bad.

  3. Outstanding mine took almost 4 weeks but that was in Lorain County.
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  4. Williams County

    5 days, and they apologised for the delay!

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    Jefferson County 3 days

    As soon as I passed the course, I went down to the Sheriffs office and filled out the paperwork. In a couple days they called and said come down and get your photo ID made.

    As soon as I got it I filled out the paperwork with a copy of my Ohio CC ID and sent it to Pa. for their permit.
    within a two week period I had both my Ohio and Pennsyvania permits.

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    4 days in Lake county. That was b/c it was school season starting & there were a lot of background checks for bus drivers, & Mondays was a holiday.
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