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    I won't elaborate, but some of us just don't do fanny packs.
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    Red Hat posted some great tests of the 380 ACP and the Kel-Tec P3AT but I think that he left out the most impressive which is that conducted with Buffalo Bore (BB) ammo. Here it is:

    KTOG Forum - P3AT eats pork ribs - wants more

    The little P3AT is at least the equal of a 38 special snubbie loaded with +P ammo. I always keep my P3AT loaded with 7 rounds of BB with the 95 gr Speer Gold Dots. The Walther PPK should perform slightly better due to its longer barrel. Anyway, the 380 is a credible defensive weapon when loaded with the right ammo. Also, it's been highly underrated for a long time.

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    Welcome to the P38 Web Site....

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    I also have a PPK/s, any interarms is good, but look for the ones made in Germany. The USA one's are good too.

    I would stay away from the S&W versions though.

    Look on GunBroker,, and in Pawn Shops.

    Corbon (NOT DPX), and Federal Hydra-Shoks are good.
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