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    The only criticism of the good-guy shooter in this scenario is, what the heck was he thinking carrying a replica of an antique pistol??? Unless he was just coming from a Cowboy Action shooting match, that seems to be kinda dumb. Get yourself a modern firearm whose trigger ain't gonna break off in a firefight, for heaven's sake!!!

    But other than that--big "atta boy" to the sheepdog in this story!
    i found that his carry piece was kinda odd. but there was a gun show just a few miles up the street that afternoon. when i went to it that day there were people carrying pistols of all kinds in all different ways either showing them off or looking to trade or sell. i will put money on it that the people inside that store were glad he was there
    We would be better off with BORAT as PRESIDENT!!!!

  3. I wonder what the antis think about this story!

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    Quote Originally Posted by agger View Post
    I wonder what the antis think about this story!

    Oh, I'm sure that they are all a-fret about the unnecessary loss of life to that poor, misunderstood young man (the "victim", you know) whose actions were force on him by the unfair circumstances life had thrust upon him...

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