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    If it previously only required the state of NH to have $20 to run a background check, print and mail a permit, a reasonable fee I might add, then why does it now require $100? Postage rates have not increased, and I doubt that printing costs have either. How much money is realy spent on running an aplication through computerized records?

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    its all about the benjamins!!!

    Thats exactly it. Costs haven't increased...resident permits are still only $10. They are just looking to beef up their coffers.

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    So then it is not an aplication fee, it is an aplication TAX. Let's call a spade, a spade here.

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    Just a thought from a member of PROGUN NH. We here believe that words have meaning, and that meaning effects thought. We are not PERMITED to carry, We are Licensed to carry. My license was 5 days from request form to issue and $10.00 From local Police chief. PAINLESS!

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