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    Question Help - Shirt Rides up!

    I'm carrying a XD40SC in a supertuck and every time I even bend over - even a little bit - my shirt starts to ride up on my gun to where even a few little vertical bends reveal my hidden package!

    How can I stop or slow this process down while still moving normally? Do I just need to consciously feel the shirt ride up then fix it right away? Suggestions would be extremely helpful!


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    You may have to just get a slightly larger shirt so it hangs lower. I have a few shirts I don't wear when I carry IWB just for this reason.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KimberPB View Post

    ... you may have to just get a slightly larger shirt.

    Agreed. My CCW is an H&K USP .40 in a BlackHawk CQC Serpa Holster. With this particular setup, there are shirts in my closet I won’t be able to wear while carrying. So, in my case it is just a matter of identifying which shirts work well—and which shirts would require the additional layer of a jacket on top.
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    I'm a big guy and had to go from a shirt size of 2x to a 2x tall . I carry a glock 22 and also went to a IWB holster a few years ago and had no trouble after that!!!

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    I had to do the same thing. Go from a 2x to a 2x tall. Anymore I don't worry anything about it.
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    I carry a Glock 21 in a CrossBreed Super Tuck and I usually just squat down to pick things up and not bend over. Works for me.
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  8. 5.11 has dress and casual shirts that are cut for conceal carry as well as an inner mesh to prevent printing. I have one on order and can post a review when they arrive.

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    Yeah I go for way over sized shirts, now that I have lost 60 pounds they are real loose....
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    I solved the problem by buying overshirts i leave unbuttoned. That way I could still were the t-shirts I owned just with an unbuttoned shirt over them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sheldon View Post
    Yeah I go for way over sized shirts, now that I have lost 60 pounds they are real loose....
    Hey, congratulations!! I know how you feel...I lost 180 pounds back in '92! Ever since the divorce I've felt SO much better!
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