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  1. MO CCW question

    If I live in MO and get Florida or Utah Non-Resident CCW do I still have to get the MO license?

    I have researched it but thought I would ask the knowledgeable folks here.

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    No is the simple answer.

    Depending on which part of the state you live in. Kansas does NOT recognize Non-Resident permits.
    So you could not carry in Kansas if you live on the West side of MO.

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    All states' CCW permits are valid in MO regardless of your state of residence (MO included). However, if you can get a MO CCW, it will provide you better reciprocity with other states than either FL or UT, with the exception of Wyoming (get a PA nonresident permit ($25 for 5 years) to cover you in WY).

  5. How sure of that are you?? I was pretty sure that if I am a MO resident I either had to have a MO CCW or a NON- resident from FL or UT.

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