new proposed law allowing CCW's across state lines
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Thread: new proposed law allowing CCW's across state lines

  1. new proposed law allowing CCW's across state lines

    Anyone have any good info on the new proposed assembly bill in front of the US senate that will allow CCW permit holders to carry in most states?

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    "The Constitution shall never be construed to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens from keeping their own arms . . ."

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    Meaning it bit the dust.

  5. Thanks for the update, wish the news was better though.

  6. But

    it only lost by two votes. Come on NRA lets dig a little deeper and get this one passed. They give the "brady bunch'' much of the credit for spoiling it. There is an argument to be made and of course the anti's made it....CCW laws in a few states are very weak and need to be brought up to the same standards as say Ohio, Florida, etc. That one flaw lost us the vote.

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    The issue seems to be that some states (mine included) hand concealed weapons permits to anyone with no felony convictions and no training. Other states, which require a more rigorous application process, don't want to honor the permits from "easy" (my term) states. So, the solution seems to be that all states should require a level of application, training, and testing that is acceptable to all. I think that all civilians who carry should take serious training at a shooting institute, anyway, to be more full prepared to handle themselves and their weapon in a serious situation. Here comes the heresy: maybe this training should be required by law. I know, I know, another infringement on our 2nd Amendment rights. But it might go a long way in enhancing reciprocity between states and also to weaken the strident voices of the anti-gun lobby. Am I now kicked off this site for suggesting this?

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    we need to find out who voted against it , and return the favor come election time. there are a lot of gun owners and if we all got together we would be a formidable voting block. not just for gun ideas.

  9. Sorry folks, I'm a states rights guy and I can't have it both ways. While I support the sentiment, I have to oppose the method. We should be working towards enforcing the 2nd amendment and working at the state level to promote our rights.

    While we should work vigorously against any attempt to reduce our rights, this bill would have reduced states rights. And no, I do not believe Bloomberg when he claims states rights, I think he's full of it, and the people of New York ought to get rid of him, or abandon the city and state.
    You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.
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  10. I believe in states rights also. The states have the power to regulate what is not provided for in the constitution. However as a US citizen I am covered by the 2nd amendment of the constitutuion. Which gaurantees my right to keep and bear arms. Read the writings of the framers and their concern was for the populace to be able to keep the government from becoming tyranical and for both personal defense and defense of the country. In CA my right to keep and bear arms is infringed by state law. I believe that the Ca approved handgun list is unconstitutional as well as the assualt weapon ban, which is no more than banning something because of looks, and the 10 round magazine law. I am also covered by artical 4 section 1 of the constitution that says that full faith and credit shall be given toeach state of public acts records and judicial procedings. As i read that when I cross a state line I should not instantly become a criminal.

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    Good Morning JJ

    Sometimes training isn't a bad idea. Even if it is just to educate individuals of some of the rules and regulations that go with CC.
    We had a women in our class when asked why she wanted a CC licence she said, "So I can shoot the guy I see going into my garage all the time"
    Our instructor said, "You can't just shoot him"
    She said "why?"
    That is when the instruction really started.
    You are right, some training may be neccessary.
    I always say if we don't Govern ourselves with common sense others will have to.

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