Risks of Concealed Carry
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Thread: Risks of Concealed Carry

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    Risks of Concealed Carry

    I have some reservations about obtaining my concealed license and would like some advice. A recent conversation with my attorney/hunting buddy brought up these reservations.

    1. In Oklahoma (my state of residence) it is legal to have a gun in my car, unloaded, and out of the front seat area, basically out of immediate reach. This means I could have a gun and a full magazine under my back seat so long as they are seperate.

    2. If Im am in a situation that requires deadly force, the issue at hand will not be wether or not I have a license. The issue will be WHY I used deadly force on an perp.

    3. Wouldnt getting a license be another avenue for the Government to know who has guns. The idea here is that if there is legislation passed that required gun registration/fees the Gov would know who to come to first.

    Im for concealed carry. I just want to protect myself from criminals and protect my gun collection from the government! Sorry for the length, cant wait for your responses.

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    Biggest threat

    Which is your biggest threat? The .gov coming after your guns or the thug that is going to shoot you at the convenience store?

    I figure they are coming after me anyway... so get the permit.

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    That is something I had considered and an extremely valid point. Thanks for the input.

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    I'd rather have a firearm that's ready to go on me just in case...whether it be a criminal or the Gov! Today there is not much difference between the two...
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    I agree with Red Hat and Jes. I know it has been said before but I will say it again anyway. "better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6".
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    Obtaining a permit does not tell the government how many guns you possess. Worse case it will let them know you are a gun owner (which may be only one gun). Some states make you list the guns you wish to carry on the license, most do not. As others have said, I would rather have mine ready at a moments notice should the need arise. My vote, get the permit.

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    3. Wouldnt getting a license be another avenue for the Government to know who has guns. The idea here is that if there is legislation passed that required gun registration/fees the Gov would know who to come to first.

    I know that in SC you don't even need to bring a gun you can use someone in the class with you.

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    If the gov wants to know who owns guns their gonna know. I would not worry about that, and like in SC & GA you dont have to be a gun owner to obtain a permit so it does not mean you DO own a gun it means you want to legally carry a loaded gun to defend against BGs. My wife and I both have our permits for this reason. I always carry my firearm if I legally can but when we travel to TN in order to have it in the car loaded (sounds alot like OK) you have to have a permit (why the wife got hers) now I will just get her to be comfortable to carry it in the store and I'll be good as she was rasied guns are bad and they kill people (i was not raised that way) my vote get the permit even if its just for your car. If, and I hope it never does, the situation a rises where you need your gun while in your car your not gonna have time to climb in the back seat, get the gun, slap in the clip, chamber a round, aim and shoot expecially if the guy is at your window or worst stealling your car while your in the store. Car thiefs would love to steal your car for that reason. again I would hope your never in that situation. (just my 2 cents)
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    Just because I have a drivers license, doesn't mean I own a car!

    The same is true of the CHL or gun ownership. Having the CHL doesn't mean you actually posses a gun!

    Although, if the Government did pass some sort of tax on firearms, you’d have to lie to avoid paying! Whether you have a CHL or not… if the Government passed a tax, you’d have to lie about your firearms to avoid paying it.

    Let’s just insist our Government respect the second amendment and be vigil to STOP any attempts at revoking our rights!
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    I agree 100% with marionandjohn. Having an unloaded firearm under your backseat is a long way from being ready to defend yourself and/or your loved ones.
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