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    Quote Originally Posted by DenverGreg View Post
    That's a very good question, and I'm looking forward to the replies from the folks out here.

    I'm thinking that a 'retained' Lawyer may not be necessary, but I definitely think that I need to
    make myself aware of the Lawyers in my area (county) that are 2A savvy. I want to have a
    name and number, in my wallet, just in case something happens.

    That's all you need. Most lawyers don't require you to be a "client" in the event that you need their help in an emergency. As unappealing as it sounds, the type of lawyer we as carriers would require is a criminal defense attorney. Just keep their card in your wallet and their cell phone programmed in yours. After 911, the first call you make will be to them. Just make sure you develop some similance of a relationship with them before hand.

    On a side note, the guy that was recommended to me also happens to work traffic court cases. $75 per ticket, and he will most likely keep it off your record. Oh, and the $75 is discounted from $100 as being referred by a fellow gunner. My wife had an OUTSTANDING performance a few months ago, and proceeded to get (3) tickets in one month. $225 was a small price to pay, considering how much our insurance premiums would have increased.

    Now, I have established a working relationship with a quality attorney that is very active in TN's 2A community.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seawolf View Post
    Check out:

    CHLPP is a legal services membership organization for concealed handgun licence/permit holders

    I'm a member, but (fortunately) have never needed to use them. NRA also has liability insurance, but the CHLPP seems to be the best deal to me.

    I've also had a visit with a local state attorney in my area who specializes in criminal defense, and keep his phone number in my wallet (just in case). Everyone who carries a firearm for self-defense should know at least one attorney they can call/contact if needed.

    Liability insurance will most likely not benefit you. In TN, we are prohibited by law from bonding ourselves for the purpose of killing someone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1ofmany30 View Post

    ... I was just wondering, have you thought about keeping an attorney on retainer should you run into any legal issues?

    Came across another post that I thought you might find interersting with regards to this matter. :)
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    I do not have a retainer but I do think it is a good idea and have been considering joining one of the groups as well. I did get the names of a couple of lawyers from my church just in case. A very good question!

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    I'd think liabilty insurance would only come into play if you're functioning as an instructor or range master, or some other role where you may be blamed when a careless person hurts themself (or another).

    A home-defense situation and home-owner's insurance - now that's different. But carrying in public - I don't see the benefit of having insurance. In fact, my instructor insurance is even range-specific with one rider. No mention of carrying or a self-defense situation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 1ofmany30 View Post
    I was just wondering for those of you that have a CCW, Do you or have you thought about keeping an attorney on retainer should you run into any legal issues? ~~

    Well 1of- Great question! California's laws are so confucing I don't think they know what they have... I am hoping that you do not need help and are just curious. IMHO, If you need help, then you are going to have to get your wallet out. ASDI, ACLDN, & CHLPP seem like good places to start. I'd be interested in who their referral attorneys are and what the attorney/law firm's Martindale/Hubbell ratings are, and what are the hourly rates. From I understand a M/H AV rating is what to look for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fullofdays View Post
    The fact that I was keeping a lawyer on retainer along with the super high velocity killer bullets I shot the bad guy with would be field day for prosecution ...
    I don't know about a field day but would sure get his case off to a good start.

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    Hey, thanks everyone for your replies, all have been helpful.

    since I'm in school and am basically broke for the moment having a lawyer on retainer is not the most financially sound idea for me and im now leaning in the direction that it's prolly not necessary. Instead, I am in the process now of finding a good civil rights lawyer that has a track record of taking on CCW defense cases. Making contacts and figuring out who's card i will be keeping in my wallet.

    Again thank you all for your thoughts on this subject.

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    chlpp is good idea.. I live in NJ and have FL ccw...any ideas

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