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  1. I use both paddle and belt OWB. You will find the paddle more wobbly than the belt holster, especially if you are carrying heavy. I use my paddle for carrying my Walther 99 and my Glock 26. I think that's about as heavy as I'd go with a paddle although I intend to try it with my new Sig P229 for giggles. Nothing like a solid belt and a solid well built belt holster. The butt of your gun is exactly where you expect to find it.....

    We can add this to the discussion about the time delay in carrying one in the tube or not because if you reach to draw your pistola and it ain't where you left it, you have at least the same delay in having to rack a round up before defending yourself.

    The really good thing about paddles is that they are easy on and easy off (usually.. although some of my better ones make me take off my belt to get them off but go ON easy). Think of all those situations where this would be an asset to you and then make up your mind.

    Personally, even if I am in a position where a paddle is going to be more convenient, if I have the time I wear a belt loop holster. It's nice to feel the butt of that pistola exactly where you left it especially when practicing rapid deployment to first accurate shot. I am fortunate in that I have never had to draw my pistola. This after two home invasions (one failed, one the perps ran when we screamed like girls) and one whacko at a stoplight who didn't like the way I was driving (I do 100K a year and this was my first complaint.... think he was high or whacko). By the second invasion attempt I was in a position to protect myself. We live in a good area. These were two whacko high as a kite guys again... we had our doors replaced last year and they are now half glass.... the two of them were still trying to pry the door open when taken down at gunpoint.

    There are other considerations with the paddle and one of them is that when you are driving you can adjust it to a cross-draw position making for faster access with the seatbelt on. (I tried the jackass rig but without a cover garment you just cannot use it conveniently, right?).

    So what I have is a barrel full of holsters and believe it or not, my fav is a $29 job I picked up in NY with a reinforced mouth that can be carried IWB without collapsing, has a metal spring for attachment like a vise and fits my Glock like a glove. Go figure.

    Good luck. Stay safe.

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  4. I have tried both with my ruger and sig. For me, the paddle holster tends to "flap" around too much. The belt-loop holster is more stable. Maybe the paddle holster is OK for lighter or smaller guns.

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    I have both - had the paddle first - and lately the paddle holster stays in my dresser drawer. The belt holster just makes the gun ride so much closer to my body and I feel it is better concealed under my jacket or shirt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AvidshooterTX View Post
    I have both - had the paddle first - and lately the paddle holster stays in my dresser drawer. The belt holster just makes the gun ride so much closer to my body and I feel it is better concealed under my jacket or shirt.
    I have to agree, Especially the Blackhawk. It just seems more stable.
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  7. I'll stick with the loop or thread through designs.

    A buddy of mine, a LEO firearms instructor down in South FL, had a paddle holster fail on him during qualifications a couple years ago. Prior to that, he was all about singing the praises of the paddle design-especially if it was a Kydex holster, too. He drew his sidearm and BOTH the holster and the gun came off his hip. The paddle was still in his pants and the holster ended up on the ground so he could finish that part of his qualification. Good thing it was only on the range, that could be the difference between going home or not in a real life situation.

    I'm glad somebody has good luck with Galco.

    Their holsters are nice (overpriced, but nice) but their customer service STINKS. I gave up on them after the SECOND costumer service rep hung up on me. I'll carry my guns around in a .50 cal ammo can half filled with gravel before one of them touches another Galco holster.

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    I too have a Don Hume belt loop holster for my personal carry, and I also have a comfortcarry in the pants holster for complete concealment but I still prefer my belt loop Don Hume. I quess you have to be willing to part with a few dollars and find out what you prefer, not what everyone else likes.

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