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  1. xd 40 subcomp.holster

    just picked up a xd 40 subcompact ,looking for and in the waist band clip holster,,thanks for your time.

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    Crossbreed Holster's Super Tuck crossbreedholster.com

    Kholster's version of the same thing for sub-compacts Kholster

    I love both of mine, they both make superior products, stand behind them with lifetime warranties, and offer exceptional customer service - and both offer better than fair pricing IMHO.
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    Crossbreed. I have an XD40 service model and it still disappears on me, even tucked in with that full size handle.
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    When i got my sub-com it took me awhile to find a good one, even though it says its for a small glock it still fits the xd. I love mine and it fits great.

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    I have an XD-45 service model and just got a Crossbreed Supertuck for it ( I clicked through to their site from here to buy it). So far, I love it. It conceals the full size handgun very well. Now I'm thinking about getting one for my 1911.

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