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    New Hampshire Non Resident

    Just received my N.H. non resident concealed carry permit. Sent on April 20, 2009 received today September 3, 2009. I now have my resident South Carolina and non resident NH.
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    congrats!!!!!!!! i am thinking of applying for my NH ccw also and just had a few questions that you may be able to answer for me. First off where do i apply and how do i get the forms. secondly how often do you have to renew the NH license? I spend a lot of time in NH with my family and it would be great to be able to cc there as well. I live in MA and they do not recognize my current ccw so when i go to NH i have to leave my sidearm at home.

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    Call 603-271-3575 they can give you all the info. If you get a recording just leave your number. They are good at getting bck to you. Good Luck
    Glock 27, Glock 23, Glock 22
    Mossberg 930SPX

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    NH app..print and you some time...

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