Nebraska to recognize Right-to-Carry Permits
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Thread: Nebraska to recognize Right-to-Carry Permits

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    Nebraska to recognize Right-to-Carry Permits

    An NRA-ILA notification just came out that, effective Sunday, August 30, Nebraska will recognize Right-to-Carry (CCW) permits from most states. The notice and the list of states is here:

    NRA-ILA :: Nebraska Attorney General Drafts Concealed Carry Recognition List

    I have permits from both Arizona and Utah so that this is good news for me as it should be for many forum members. Most states are included on the list. I assume that Luke will pickup these changes for the reciprocity list on this site.

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    Good news. One more state I can visit and /or travel through with out problems.
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    great travel here now

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    Fantastic, my FL permit is accepted there. Chalk up another state that I won't refuse to visit!
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    Yes, the map has already been updated. I was playing with it a few days ago and suddenly saw that I was OK in Nebraska. Checked the Nebraska site to verify. Utah and Florida permits together now cover 35 states, with Nebraska and Kansas being the most recent.

  8. That is great news. I have son who lives in Nebraska. When he visits we always go to one of the local indoor ranges in my town (Springdale, Arkansas). We have never gone to a range together in Nebraska for fear I may run afoul of the law.

    Thanks for the post!

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    Time for the map to be updated! :)
    Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps
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