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    Smile Mine came today

    Well, I just ordered my Crossbreed Holster on Tuesday, and here it comes in the mail today. WOW.....that was quick. In fact, I was thinking that they would shoot me an email message when it shipped but nope, took me by surprise. Hey I thought it was Christmas in September with all the surprises when opening that mail box door. Now that is service for sure. I can't wait till I get to start using it. What a joyous day it is!!!!!!

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    Well, Congrats.

    Did you get the combat cut?

    Which gun did you get it for?

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    No, I didn't get the combat cut, I figured I would try it with a standard cut and see how it works. If I don't like it then I'll cut it myself. I ordered it for my glock 23, but I also have a glock 27 which fits as well. Thanks for asking.

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    Doesn't take much to make ol' Glockdog happy...good on ya, mate!

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