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    They look pretty ridiculous i wonder if they have sold many. lol i have met many leo wanna be's maybe they'll buy some, and make some one rich.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JJFlash View Post
    I've never heard of a CCW badge. Wouldn't carry one anyway for all the reasons listed above.
    Looks like this one -

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    Here's some more reading on badges and similar items. The question seems to pop up every few months and the over-all opinion is that they are a bad idea:

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    In TEXAS you don't have to carry a badge to identify yourself as a good guy... you simply wear a white cowboy hat!

    The idea of carrying a CHL badge is retarded... what would be next, a CHL decal on the car door and emergency lights on top?!

    A CHL badge is a meaningless piece of jewelry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffrey1235 View Post
    I agree 100%, I was just wondering what other folks thought. I used to be a bouncer/doorman at a bar in Georgia and you'd be suprised how many people tried to pull one of those fake badges out to get in the door. I always figured that if the State wanted you to have one they would give it to you when you got the permit.
    If I was working the door and some "mall ninja" pulled one of those "I'm a CCW holder, so I get free cover" stunts on me, I'd not only send him (or her) the back of the line, I'd also be sure that the mall ninja doesn't make it past the front door.

    Great way to get yourself into a lot of trouble. Saw a guy get arrested in ATL for flashing one of those badges. Apparently he was trying to impress some women when he did it. The guy he flashed the badge at happened to be an off duty Fed. His evening got a lot more interesting. He succeeded at impressing the women though. They were surprised at how fast he could come up with the $500 cash he needed for bail money.

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    A construction worker here not long ago found his CCW badge a great liability when coupled with his "warning" lights.

    His truck was equipped with the strobes that alternate wig-wag in the front and rear lamps as a road construction vehicle. When two women blew past him on the interstate he wanted to "tell them they were going too fast" so he turned on his strobes and pulled up behind them. They pulled over, they got out of the car, then they pulled their badges and ordered him out.

    After a quick check of his vehicle they found his CCW badge in the cupholder and chaged him with impersonating an police officer ... a felony.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeffrey1235 View Post
    This is one of those questions that I was just wondering about, it literally makes no differance at all. Does anyone have or actually carry the CWP badges or do you just put the permit in your wallet along with your other stuff?
    You might as well hang a sign around your neck that says "I'M A HUGE DORK", with a t-shirt that says "BECAUSE I PAY FOR STUPID, MEANINGLESS CRAP JUST TO LOOK COOL"
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    Not an Good Idea! Only attracts more attention to you and, other guys are right impersenation is a felony out of sight,out of mind the best policy

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    I don't see what purpose it would serve. A cop is going to think you're a dork wannabe and a civilian is going to think your a wannabe rambo when they ask the inevitable question "are you a cop" and you have to say "no". (I'm just some wannabe goober with a cracker jack box badge)
    I think they're kinda cheesy,reminds me of the security guard who has a badge wallet and flashes it when he's not working to boost his ego and make you think he's somebody important.

  11. I get a good chuckle out of CFP CCW badges for the most part and they make my hair stand on end.

    Lately I have been doing some research on OWB carry and wondered what the reaction would be if someone were to see my .45 in a holster under my jacket.... I can just picture someone freaking out on me. Well, CSI (yep, I still watch it when nothing else is on) was on TV and they were carrying their badges next to their holsters. Made me wonder about the badge for (about) 5 seconds before chuckling again.

    But the thought keeps coming back. I have nothing to prove... but wonder if that CWP badge might keep someone spotting my carry from freaking out on me and winding up getting taken down at gunpoint in Wally World while eating nachos again.

    Go figure.

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