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    I will avoid a hostile confrontation if at all possible. We will walk away. The bum probably doesn't know your armed and although he hit a nerve and you'd like to ring his neck, you just possibly gave him his life back. Only he's too stupid to understand it. If he pursues or continues after we've disengaged he'll deal with my wife "first" and that's gonna hurt. She's quite a surprise. A lifetime of defensive training. But I won't allow someone to follow and continue threatening behavior without intervening. It would become an argument over who gets to stop him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by G50AE View Post
    How about those cool Klingon pain sticks.
    Make it so
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    Walk away, swallow your pride. If your wife loves you she will not want you to get into either a fistfight or a gun battle over this. At least in my state you are obligated to retreat by law or it won't be a self defense case but manslaughter at best if you end up shooting somebody.

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    Even though my husband carries everywhere, his deadliest weapon is his mouth. He would no doubt issue a response of such vile bitterness that the insulter would immediately go home and beat up his teddy bear. I have never seen a man who can psychologically analyze someone and damage their ego with such speed and precision.

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    There are some people who will provoke you KNOWING you are armed. It sounds crazy, but it happens. It ranks squarely in the antisocial category, but it's still real life. People know too well how to basically "troll" and get under your skin. I wish stuff like this only happened in the movies! That's where pepper spray can come in handy. There may be some aggressive movement on the troll's part. If it is "non-lethal" action than it could be perfect for pepper spray (check your local state laws before spraying).

    The bottom line is to walk away and not get sucked in. That's hard, but that's right.

  8. With pepper spray, the user is affected about 90% of the time (just ask any cop who has used it). Having your vision impaired is a tactical disadvantage and may lead to a loss of control real quick. A taser that you can "shoot" would be a better non lethal method.

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    Oh man, my wife would get her Scottish clan blood boiling and unload on the poor fella. All 5'1" of her, eyes flashing, hair flying.... I'd feel sorry for the guy and try to rescue him from her.

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    After reading all these posts I had my wife sit down and read them after presenting her with the "what if" scenario and her take was if the guy just has diarrhea of the mouth we just walk away .... neither of us need to go to jail or worse. IF it escalates then we take it to the next level. She has quite the mouth on her when the situation calls for it so I would pity the poor bastard once he got her german/scotish/irish blood up.
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    Robert Heinlein said: "An armed society is a polite society" so my vote is to walk away.

    Why walk away?

    If someone insults you or your wife and you physically attack the person, you will be the aggressor according to the witnesses. You will not be able to claim self-defense.

    The person with diarrhea of the mouth is the one who has to live with the bad taste of their words.

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